Price List, ranked low to high
For visitors looking for certain price ranges, all our product prices are listed below in ascending order, from $7 to $1295. We take great pride in all our work, even the lowest-priced ones. All are designed to give excellent value for your money. Names with one asterisk are non-Kadon products. Names with two asterisks are believed to be public domain. All others are proprietary trademarks of Kadon Enterprises, Inc. Plus signs (+) indicate shipping surcharge. Minus signs (-) indicate shipping discount. Some special or limited editions are in a separate list below. Links open in new window. To return here, simply close that window.


  • $ 4...Small easel, adjustable
  • $ 6...Large easel, adjustable
  • $ 6...Suction tool for puzzle pieces
  • $ 8...Velvet drawstring pouch, 6"
  • $45...Turntable for 3D play

Gift Certificates
You can order Gift Certificates in $25, $50, $75 and $100 amounts.

Special or Limited Editions
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Oversize Package Surcharge
The following products are oversize or very heavy, requiring a shipping surcharge above the standard shipping rate. We will add these amounts to your order manually. They do not appear on the order form.
  • End Point, wood, $5
  • End Point, acrylic, $15
  • Royal Game of the Goose, $10
  • Bear Hugs, $15
  • Brace, wood, $15
  • Combinatorix, $15
  • Dual Quintachex, $15
  • Rhom-Antics, $15
  • 37 Squares, $15
  • Tri-Jazz, $15
  • Tulips, $15
  • WhirlSpools, $15
  • Octominoes, $25
  • Hexacube, $25
If you would like any of these items and want to save the shipping cost, please check our show schedule. If we exhibit in your area, reserve your purchase in advance, and we will bring it for you to pick up in person at the show.

Undersize Package Discount
The following products are small or very light and will be mailed first class when ordered singly. The standard minimum shipping rate automatically inserted by our order form will not apply. On these items we will manually discount the shipping shown on your order form by 33%.
  • Four Horses of the Epic Ellipse
  • Instant Insanity
  • Oskar's Disks
  • Pentomino Necklace
  • Pocket Pentominoes
  • Pocket Rhombs
  • Pocket Star
  • Pocket Tetrapentos
  • Pocket Vees
  • Pretty Tilings
  • Puzzling Pentagon
  • Renaissance playing cards
  • Shadow Play
  • Tiny Tans

A statement of policy with attitude
Because we take such care in the crafting and production of our games, and research them thoroughly, sometimes for years, before committing ourselves to their production, this website does not have "close-outs," discounts, sales, auctions, discontinueds, clearances and the like. Each item has just one price. We price everything at the lowest possible amount, without playing the mark-up, mark-down game.

We do not make or sell trivial products. Our gamepuzzles have all passed the test of depth and purity of concept, long-term appeal and challenge, versatility, aesthetic form, and good and durable construction. Unconditionally guaranteed. We take your fun very seriously!

Those who appreciate objectively fine quality and value have here a gallery of over 260 genuinely good games and puzzles to choose from.

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