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Kadon is proud to present games of skill in the classic style:
purely abstract themes, played on equipment of excellent
quality and form. Our goal is to offer games you'll be
pleased to own and happy to play.

Larger image of deluxe Octiles
and detailed game rules

OCTILES® (the deluxe edition)
...created by Dale Walton

Octiles is one of our most acclaimed sets, repeatedly a Games 100 selection. We frequently hear raves about it from satisfied customers. The 18 all-different wood tiles have four paths each. Players join the tiles to create routes across the board as their five "runners" race to the opposite side. Tiles move and paths change on every turn, creating a dynamic whirl of strategies. The large tiles are laser-engraved. For its first 25 years, Octiles played on a leather-like white vinyl game mat (the "classic" edition), 18" square, that rolled up in storage box. A few copies of the vinyl set are still available, while supplies last. For Octiles' 25th anniversary in 2009, we introduced the deluxe engraved wood board edition (shown at left) in handsome velvet satchel. The book includes three game variations plus 29 puzzles. Read here the full rules for the "Move Over" version. For 1 to 4 players, ages 10 to adult. $145

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Larger image of
The Game of Y
and rules of play

Rules in French—
merci beaucoup,
François Haffner

...invented by Charles Titus and Craige Schensted

Games magazine's No. 1 strategy game, 1995.
Games 100 list, 1996, 1997.
The Board Game Kaptain's glowing video review, 2021.

Deep, subtle and beautiful, Y has the simplest of rules: place one stone per turn, connect all three sides of the board with a continuous string of your color. No draws! Defense is exquisitely important. Rules for six other games are included, plus solitaire variations. Refined over 30 years of play on hundreds of experimental grids, the definitive Y board is a curved triangle, its matrix like a flattened geodesic dome. The equipment is a tactile pleasure to use: handcrafted 15" wood board with feet, glass go stones, velvet carrybag. For 1 and 2 players, ages 10 to adult. $95

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Travel edition:   Game of Y on tan roll-up vinyl mat, in green felt pouch,   $49

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Footnote: We have a limited number of copies of the original 1975 edition of the book, Mudcrack Y & Poly-Y, which was the forerunner of Y, with over 1000 grids to play with colored pencils. Published by NEO Press under the guidance of Irene Schensted, who also contributed greatly to the development of Y and is a co-founder of NEO Press. 196 pages include a chapter by Craige on strategy, charming and lucid with hand-lettered text and drawings. (Craige has since then changed his name from Craige Schensted to, simply, Ea Ea.) The book is available for $12 plus postage.

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...created by Christopher Clark, developed by Kate Jones

Games' selection as No. 1 strategy game, 1996.
On Games 100 list, 1997.


The 10x10 grid serves for several excellent games. In "Transpose," be the first to exit 8 checkers off the board, but watch out... some opposing pieces may switch places with yours! In "Peregrine," circumnavigate the board's perimeter to bring 5 checkers to the exit point; they can travel as stacks to advance more quickly, but also risk greater setbacks. In "Upper Hand," cover all opponent pieces. And in "Amazons," block in the opponent's four queens with arrows: where an arrow lands no move can cross, and each turn adds another block to the barriers. Includes four other good games plus solitaires. For 1 and 2 players, ages 10 to adult. We make the set in two beautiful styles—Traditional and Contemporary—each 15½x18" with fabric carrybags:

Traditional style:
Christopher's finely handcrafted wood board with feet, 24 hardwood checkers, two wood dice.
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Contemporary style:
black-on-gray inlaid acrylic board, red and blue accents, inlaid acrylic checkers. The board is hangable.

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Larger view and rules of play
LEMMATM   invented by Kate Jones

On Games's list of best games of 1987.

Our most radical game: the players invent and play out non-contradictory rules. This game may bring out the logician or lawyer in you. It does strange things to your friends' demeanor, too. This can become a very vocal experience, since players may challenge new rules that are inconsistent with any previous rules! Four other games and over 300 topological puzzles are included. The 24" laser-engraved and handpainted wood gameboard has a dramatic pattern of nested grids in 3 colors plus black, matched to the 48 wooden disks. Stores in green felt slipcase. Suitable for 1 to 6 players, ages ingenious 12 to adult. $125

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See Scott's website for a wealth of
information, online testing,
detailed rules and reviews.
"Batalo" is a registered trademark of
its manufacturer, Harmony Games, Inc.

Guest appearance!
...invented by Scott Harmon

On Games 100 list, 1992, 1993 and 1995.

This very beautifully made game plays for a delicate balance of power. Each player has a column and six pieces that move to try to occupy the opponent's base. The leather-like roll-up vinyl mat is a nice compact 12"x12" and is imprinted with fine artistry. The pieces feel good to handle. Well-written instruction book by Scott includes many strategy hints. For 2 players, ages 8 to adult. $29

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...invented by Don O'Brien

On Games 100 list, 2008. This brilliantly original game of strategy we fell in love with the moment Bob Abbott, the inventor's friend and agent, first showed it to us: Roll 3 dice, make a maneuvering adjustment to any of your pieces whose number matches the dice, then move your 6 pieces in numerical order one step in the direction their arrows point. Your goal: to enter your pieces into your goal space, and if possible to push opponent pieces into your goal as well. Incredibly convoluted interplay of pieces, some of which may even wander off the edge of the board. Rolling a number for a piece no longer on the board gets one free re-roll. See the full rules. Laser-engraved handcrafted 11½" wood board, 3 wood dice, 6 engraved handpainted wood disks per player. Average playing time: 20 to 30 minutes. A few solitaires included. For 1 or 2 players, ages 10 to adult. $49

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MANOOVER PLUSTM Kate Jones and Bob Abbott, based on Don O'Brien's Manoover

Reviewed in Games, April 2012. On Games 100 list, 2012. The beautifully handcrafted, handfinished 17" wood board is laser-engraved on both sides, with handpainted accents. The order-5 grid accommodates 8 pieces each, numbered 1 through 8, for the two-player game and comes with 4 octahedral dice that let you roll up to the number 8. Designed by popular request for a more complex version, the board also accommodates Bob Abbott's three-player version on the back. Scroll down towards the bottom of Bob's page to see his write-up. For 2 or 3 players, ages 10 to adult. $95

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