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DEKA-MOSAIKTM ...developed by Kate Jones

This set is an excellent introduction to pentagon play: Create ever-changing patterns with 15 pairs of golden triangles and 5 pentagons in an acrylic 7" decagon tray. The four-color mix of the pieces makes it fun to continue to find new and different arrangements. Colors may vary. Recommended for ages 8 to adult. $42

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DEKA-STARTM ...styled by Kate Jones

This set of two shapes in four colors is the next best thing to a kaleidoscope. The 36-degree rhombus and the 72-degree rhombus are just what it takes to fill up the 7" decagon-shaped tray. Vary the patterns as you like from utterly chaotic to exquisitely symmetrical. Color mixes may vary. For its 25th anniversary in 2019, we added a touch of silver. Recommended for ages 6 to adult. $42

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KITE-MOSAIKTM ...developed by Kate Jones

This group of 4 shapes and 4 colors is the most complicated of the decagon series. It is a mini-lab for exploring the golden ratio of two golden triangles and two quadrilaterals (Roger Penrose's famous kites and darts). One of the surprises of Kite-Mosaik is that the entire set of tiles can be formed into one giant kite or one giant rhombus. Every size of kite, in all its stages of inflation, can also be modeled. And, of course, the 7" decagon tray itself can be filled with ever-changing symmetrical color designs. Color mixes may vary. Recommended for ages 10 to adult. $42

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Guest Appearance!
...by Marc Pelletier and Beverly Johnson

This high-quality edition was manufactured by the designers themselves. The 192 colorful, flexible magnetic tiles, 2 centimeters on a side, are the 3 rhombus shapes it takes to tile with 7-fold symmetry. Their unique geometry makes it easy to create fascinating repeating and non-repeating patterns, beautiful mandalas and gorgeous designs. The sturdy 24-gauge steel black textured board protects a design in progress and can serve as a mounting panel to show off your prettiest designs. The authors' illustrated instructions, printed right on the record album-style cover, provide a fine overview of symmetry types. For ages 6 and up. Temporarily out of stock in this size

FRACTILES-7TM Travel Edition, 8"x8" black steel board, 96 brilliantly colored, flexible magnetic tiles, illustrated instructional material in double record album style package,$27

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"Fractiles-7" is a trademark of Fractiles, Inc.

...based on Fractiles-7 by
Marc Pelletier and Beverly Johnson

The 84 diamonds, 28 of each size, are related by angles that are multiples of one-fourteenth of a circle. Each size has its own transparent color. The tiles can form endless designs both in the 8˝" acrylic black-framed tray and freestyle. You can arrange them with unique optical effects, 3-D illusions, easy and creative patterns, and wonderful symmetries. We've used ruby, aqua and topaz Lucite for a stained-glass look. You might even like to display RhombStar-7 on a little easel as an inviting conversation piece. Recommended for ages 8 and up. $65

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...based on RhombStar-7, adapted by Kate Jones

Put this star in your pocket and you'll never have a rainy day. The 21 tiles (7 each of three colors) form stars and globes and countless imaginative shapes with seven-fold symmetry. Lasercut acrylic in velour drawstring pouch with instruction leaflet. Color mix may vary. For ages 10 to adult. $14 (Shipping discount)
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Hephaestus Award winner of "Quality Puzzle" in
the 2020 Megistian Aenigma Agon competition!

...created by Carl Hoff, extended by Kate Jones

Hex-Pave has 15 hexagons, each with a unique combination of 1 to 3 units of length per side and equal angles. Tiles are sorted by color into matching symmetry groups. All but one have mirror symmetry; the oddball is rotational. This elegant set shows a surprise at every turn. Its basic assembly is a regular hexagon; 11 other shapes of 6 triangles exist (see below left and our Iamond Hex puzzle). Can the 15 tiles fit into all those shapes, too? Well, no, only 14 at best. The booklet provides the full count of every solution possible for all 12 hexiamonds, along with a grid card for each. Only the hexagon is solvable with all 15 tiles (in 19 different ways). Omit the smallest hexagon and get 3051 solutions. The one shown is a rare one with all colors separated, the smallest hexagon parked in the 11" round tray frame, and the 22 little "filler" triangles also with maximum separation. A special challenge: arrange the tiles to meet only on equal-length edges (outside the tray, no holes between). Includes three games for 2 players. Ages 8-adult. $65

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...created by Andy Liu, styled by Kate Jones,
research enhanced by George Sicherman

This sweetheart of a puzzle has 28 tiles, a polyform set combining hexagons, squares, and equilateral triangles that can fit onto this classic grid. There are 14 symmetrical tiles (one of each) and 7 pairs of non-symmetrical “twins”, each pair always looking in opposite directions. Make interesting designs in and out of the 12" by 13.5" tray, with some or all of the tiles. Also play it as two games. Color mix may vary. Three full-size grid sheets and easel included. For one or two players, ages 8 to adult. $72

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    See photo of Q-Bix in black frame
...created by Christian Freeling


On Games 100 list for 2011 (review). Fifteen unique polyhex tiles, sizes 1, 2 and 3, carry the three cube-illusion colors in all possible combinations (sample tile at right). The full set covers 40 hexagons total, always orienting the colors to form a field of cubes. Hundreds of delightful figures invite your ingenuity. In 11" tray with display stand. Two color choices. Three games for two or three players included. For ages 8 and up. $95

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Q-BIX is a trademark of MindSports and is used by
Kadon Enterprises, Inc., under exclusive license.


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