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The full set of shapes made of joined hexagons ("polyhexes") from 1 to 5 in size. Colorful transparent acrylic pieces in hexnut-shaped tray, 8", provide the material for a large collection of puzzles, plus games. A large part of the puzzle section was researched (and solved) by Robin King. The nice ring-shaped solution at left is by Michael Keller. See the entire rulebook as a .pdf file. For 1 to 4 players, ages 10 to adult. $65

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For those who thrive on great and glorious challenges, here are the 82 shapes of 6 hexagons ("hexahexes"), in a huge 16" hexagon ring, with reversible lid. It's all acrylic, in transparent colors (please tell us your preference when you order), made to the same scale as Hexnut and can serve as its expansion set. The clear center ring is a practical place to store the only hexahex with a hole. The solution shown was found by Michael Keller. Recommended for teens to adults, 1 to 4 players. $225

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...created by Thomas Atkinson,
developed by Kate Jones

The inspiration for Hopscotch came from the arrangement of tiles on Thomas's ceiling, where alternate rows of squares are moved over by half a space. Every combination of one to four connected squares makes the delightful family of 24 puzzle pieces we call polyhops. They let you solve an awesome range of beautiful figures. The open question of how many ways they can make 7 congruent shapes was answered by Randy Ekl in 2019. We make Hopscotch in marble-grained acrylic in four color mixes, with display stand included. The amazing solution at left, with the smaller pieces all separated, is by Robin King. Addictive fun for 1 and 2 players, ages 10-adult. $72

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ROMBIX® JR. ...developed by Kate Jones

This acrylic set, inspired by Alan Schoen's Rombix, has just four shapes, each in four colors: a single rhomb, a square, a chevron (pair of rhombs), and a "boot" (paired rhomb and square). These four pieces also form a small octagon in a mathematically interesting way. The variety of pretty patterns they can make is astonishing—they are a natural for creating kaleidoscopic symmetries. Rombix Jr. is packaged in a 5" tray; color mix may vary. Illustrated booklet contains many activities suitable for 1 and 2 players, ages 4 to adult. $32

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...invented and patented by Alan Schoen

Rombix consists of 16 tiles: four sizes of single rhombs that are the fundamental components of a 16-sided polygon, and twelve "twins" that are these four keystones joined in all possible concave pairs. (Did you know that any even-sided polygon can be cut up into rhombuses?) The elegant mathematics of this set will have it that these 16 tiles exactly fill the original polygon, called a circle. Thousands of arrangements are possible. The four colors are related by amazing proportions and congruences, and every successful tiling will also exhibit 8 ladders that span the circle's opposite sides. The booklet well documents, in layman's language, the many interesting paths of exploration Rombix invites. We make it in transparent-tinted acrylics, in a black-framed 8" tray. For 1 or 2 players, from mentally agile 12 to adult. Rombix was a Games 100 selection, 1993. $65

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