Ottawa — 35th International Puzzle Party

For the 35th International Puzzle Party, held in Ottawa, Canada, in August 2015, Kate turned the famous maple leaf emblem from the Canadian flag into a 35-piece puzzle, Maple Leaf Rag, that could form the maple leaf and then rearrange the pieces to make a stylized "IPP 35". Here are the outlines of the two challenges:

And here are the 35 pieces, with a maddeningly unmatchable length of sides among them.

The puzzle included a two-sided, actual-size floor plan for the two challenges, supplied in a beautiful plush, dark-blue velvet drawstring pouch. Here is Kate at the exchange festivities, ready to present bagged sets to the collectors.

The unique solutions will not be published until the official souvenir book appears, maybe in 2016. In the meantime, you can listen to Scott Joplin's rousing rendition of his Maple Leaf Rag boogie woogie tune.

We have a few sets of this limited edition still available, while they last.     $35

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