Gift Certificates  
Gift certificates are a welcome and convenient way to let your recipients select exactly what they want. We offer certificates in multiples or increments of $25.

To order now, click on the green logo below that represents your choice of certificate amount.

Please click on "Select your sales tax category" and select your recipient's location (Maryland or non-Maryland) so that the program will calculate the appropriate sales tax. Only Maryland tax will be added.

If you wish to designate some other gift amount, please note it in the "special instructions" space on the order form and we will manually override the automatic program.

If you are including a gift certificate as part of your order of other purchases on the same order form, we will calculate the sales tax, Maryland only, manually if more than one shipping destination is involved.


When we receive your online credit card or PayPal order, or your check by mail, we will mail a handsome form, good for the amount you selected (shipping and sales tax prepaid), directly to your recipient. Or, if you prefer, we'll send it to you to present to your recipient with the instructions to make a selection on our website and mail in the certificate towards the payment. Any amount ordered above the value of the certificate is to be paid by the certificate holder at the time the order is placed, including any applicable additional Maryland sales taxes and non-U.S. shipping above the prepaid amount.

The full amount of the certificate must be used. We are not able to issue credits or refunds. There is no deadline for redeeming gift certificates.

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