BuzzBears:  A dexterity puzzle spinner

In the Fall of 2015, for the Celebration of Mind weekend at our pavilion, Ye Olde Gamery, at the Maryland Renaissance Festival, we designed and made a special souvenir for customers, based on a classic folk art toy variously called a buzzsaw or whirligig. A piece of string threaded through holes in the center of a 4" disk can make the disk spin and change directions by dexterous stretching and releasing of the string. The two bears serve as handles. Go fast enough and you'll hear the disk hum and buzz.

The first version had little W's, our logo, cut into the disk and an inscription, Celebration of Mind 2015. Soon we also made them with little teddybear cutouts and the inscription You're a winner! as prizes for particularly nice solutions found by visitors. The winner spinner also became a special gift for customers during the 2015 holiday season. A limited number also featured Happy Holidays 2015 as their motto.

These spinners were so popular that people offered to purchase additional copies, so BuzzBears has become an official member of the gamepuzzles family. Our standard inscription is You're a winner!

You can order copies by clicking the green logo below. If you'd like it personalized with a name or brief message of your own, just tell us in the special instructions space. Supplied with directions in drawstring bag.     $10

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