Partridge Puzzles—(sold out)
Meta-dissections by Erich Friedman

These 5 puzzles were custom-made for Erich Friedman in 2003, according to his designs and specifications. They are meta-dissections — a type of tiling which is self-referential and self-repeating, building larger shapes out of conglomerations of smaller versions of the same shape, or dividing a shape into smaller forms of itself. Erich discusses them in detail on his website.

These tilings are even more remarkable for the fact that ascending sizes of components also have ascending frequency. Bob Wainwright has studied such dissections and named them "Partridge" puzzles, after the Twelve Days of Christmas that count down to the one partridge in a pear tree. We used Lucite to get the best visibility for each tile. Tiles of the same size have the same color. Overall color combinations varied.

Our supply sold out in 2020. If you really want one, or all of them, we can make them for you by custom order. Inquire by email.

RECTANGLE (long), $49
SHED, $42

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