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A meta-graphic by Kate Jones

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What is this thing?

This composition has 8 colors divided into a duality — four for the 9 "inner" fields and four for the 49 "outside" fields. These fields are arranged in 8 preset color groupings so that no two adjacent areas have the same color. Click on the picture to see another color scheme. Our Thumbnail Gallery has an overview of 12 sample variations. We provide templates here for you to color in any combinations you like.

Unlike the many movable puzzles and games that form the main body of Kadon's playable creations, as shown throughout this website, this graphic — as well as others to come — is fixed in design. Its puzzle pieces are permanently inlaid in a frame. A palette of 8 colors can be assigned to the 8 field groupings in 40,320 different ways.

The challenge here is to find a combination that most pleases all your senses.

Change it day to day, as your inclination moves you, from cool and calm to vibrant and flamboyant. Amaze yourself by the totally different effects you can create, whether deliberately or just doodling. You can save them as files or print them out as note paper or email them to friends. You can even keep one as your computer background or wallpaper.

Once you settle on your choice of four inside colors, leaving four other colors for the outside, you still have 576 different ways of carrying out the color arrangements (24 ways to color the inside, multiplied by the 24 outside). Reverse the inside and outside colors and get an additional 576 arrangements to choose from — 1152 total. Boggle the mind yet?

When you use more than 8 colors at a time, as when choosing from a palette of, say, 256 different colors and coloring the fields free-style without keeping to the separations shown above, the number of permutations exceeds practical counting. It's 58 to the 256th power, or 58 multiplied by itself 256 times. No two people are likely ever to create the same exact formulation. However, for achieving the most attractive compositions, we recommend the separations shown and using not more than 8 colors at a time.

The artistic vision

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Meaning comes from the mind of the thinker. Significance arises from the emotions of the doer. When you participate in the completion of this composition, you make it your own, you become the artist of your own vision.

The designer's ideas should not intrude into the relationship that grows between the design and the participant's expressions. We will say only this much:  DUALITY contrasts two forms and forces — serene and chaotic, and two sets of colors — light/vivid and dark/heavy. A coherent core is shielded from a turmoiling surrounding; a central strength prevails against a scattered fury.

Like a compass, where do you find your zone of balance? Today? Tomorrow? Does it shed light on the larger world?

Permanent art pieces you can buy

These meta-conceptual mosaic graphics are available as permanent custom-order art pieces. They are handcrafted in lasercut acrylic, 18x23" and made to your color specifications, ready to install on wall or stand. This Coloring Book lets you play with coloring the pattern right on your screen, in any way you wish, both to determine the combination you might like to order and just for the sheer fun of it.


We provide a template to play with:

  • A .GIF template for offline painting in your computer's paintshop or photoshop program, if you have one that you can use, The 58 fields can be independently colored. You can save your designs as .GIF files or .JPG or print them out. Or you can use the first method of coloring books: print out the template and color it with paint or crayon applied manually.

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