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  • These shapes are made of same-size squares or cubes joined
    evenly, in all their possible different combinations.
    They fit together in amazing ways.

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    and polycubes

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    8 times on Games 100 list.
    Games' "Golden Oldies" list, 1995.

    This is our No. 1 game, and the one that launched the company in 1979. The 12 lasercut, hand-polished maple quint blocks, 13/16" unit cube size, are all the different shapes 5 cubes can make when joined in a flat plane ("solid pentominoes"). Each piece has its own name. Illustrated booklet of 80 pages has the most comprehensive collection of original activities for the set ever published, in 2-D (for example, symmetrical pairs and an alphabet) and 3-D, including 5 competitive games: Quintillions®, QuintominoesTM, Squint®, Blockout®, and Quint-Mate®. The pieces feel very good to the touch. They could become a lifetime avocation. For 1-4 players, ages 6-adult. $85

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    Super Quintillions


    This is the expansion set to Quintillions:  an additional 18 non-flat 5-cube shapes ("pentacubes"). We've given each superquint a name so they're easy to recognize and remember. They are meticulously handcrafted of solid hardwood to fit finely in every combination. Even more puzzles and larger game versions become possible. Booklet includes puzzles and games for just the 18 and for all 30 pieces. Recommended for 1 to 6 players, ages 10 to adult, although younger players can have a ball with them, too. Please don't order these unless you also have the basic Quintillions set. $135

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    Super Deluxe Quintillions


    This is undeniably our finest product. The combined Quint/Superquint set is handcrafted and lasercut from a single piece of beautiful maple for an incomparable matched-grain look. All 30 pieces form a block in their custom-fitted hardwood case. An extraordinary pleasure to own or to receive, the deluxe combo is frequently given as graduation gift, wedding present or executive award. The box includes a leather-like vinyl game mat and both booklets. For 1 to 6 players, ages 12 to adult. $295

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    P.S.: If you already own the two sets separately,
    you can order just the case alone, for only $75.
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    Turntable for 3-D play

    This 12" octagonal wood platform has a leather-like vinyl pad, gold-embossed with the Quintillions logo, and a nice, smooth, ball-bearing swivel. It is sold as an accessory for Quintillions games and puzzles. $45

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    FRACTURED FIVESTM ... by Kate Jones

    First reviewed in Games, November 2012.
    On Games 100 list, December 2012.

    Created in 1986, this ingenious double puzzle languished in our archives for 25 years. We were pleased finally to publish it on its 25th birthday. Five 4" reversible blocks of wood—handfinished, handpainted—carry two sets of laser-engraved images:  partial pentominoes on one side, tangled ropes on the other. Join them to form any of the 12 pentominoes such that images match across joined edges. For hardy solvers, only all-different pentominoes will appear, or one rope will traverse all five tiles. In compartmented green felt bag, multiple challenges and game rules included. Colors may vary. For 1 or 2 players, ages 8 to adult.$49

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    People had been asking us for years for a small pocket edition of our famous pentominoes sets. In 2004 there appeared a delightful children's mystery book, Chasing Vermeer, by Blue Balliett, that features little pentominoes the young hero always carries with him. Our laser-cut acrylic pocket set is scaled to 1/2" unit squares (the same size as Poly-5 and our Pentomino necklace) and comes in a little drawstring pouch. Its booklet includes some of the most interesting puzzles to play with pentominoes, drawn from 25 years of research as seen in our Quintillions and Poly-5 sets, plus a gameboard for the two-player game, Squint. For age 6 to adult, 1 or 2 players. (Shipping discount) $12

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    Recommended by
    National Association
    for Gifted Children
    L-SIXTEENTM ... proposed by Nevzat Moraç

    This lovely little brother to our Fill-Agree set has 16 L-shaped tetromino tiles, each unique in having zero through four holes. The 1-, 2- and 3-holers all have their own color, with 0 and 4 sharing the fourth color. Create many shapes and color designs, put four holes in every row, or connect the holes into continuous paths and patterns. In the 8½" framed tray solve the 8x8 array with delightful variations, and outside build hundreds of other challenging figures. The solution shown here has all the colors separated, all the holes connected, and no internal subrectangles—no mean feat. A fine step up from Vee-21 and prelude to Fill-Agree. In four luminous Lucite tints. Color mix may vary. For 1 or 2 players, ages 6 to adult.$65

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