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...by Kate Jones

This checkerboarded field of waves hides a secret: 24 five-celled tiles (all different shapes) uniquely patterned with frosted colors. All-acrylic construction forms an 11x11 square in 22" black tray. Other designs and games included. Silver or gold paired with another color of your choice. Designed for sophisticated puzzle solvers and collectors. $395
(plus $15 oversize shipping surcharge)

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Shown at 3/4 scale to the other puzzles.

GRAND ROUNDOMINOES®  created by Kate Jones

This one's the grandest of Kate's Roundominoes series. It has 83 acrylic pieces in six luminous transparent colors plus black and white accents. They include 1 through 5 rounds, 1 through 4 bridges, and 8 new shapes called doopers, that are doublerounds with extra bridges (white pieces at left). They have droll beach-scene names (Kate did design this in Florida). Can you find the bikini top? Halter top? Rubber ducky? Fish? Flying fish? Hairdryer? The 16" acrylic tray, black or white, is supplied with fitted see-through reversible black/white lid and display stand. Recommended for teen and adult puzzle lovers (or a precocious six-year-old!), 1-6 players.$225

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...created by Ward Hollins, developed by Kate Jones

Tri-Jazz is one of our most exquisite art pieces. The 54 tiles are rhombdominoes — parallelograms the size of two rhombs joined. Inlaid with 3 kinds of triangles—equilateral, isosceles, and right triangle —in every mix of three colors. See sample tile. Patterns are so gorgeous they're worth the effort to solve. Custom color orders invited—see our palettes of available colors, opaque or frosted. All acrylic, 18" tray with easel. For 1 to 6 players, ages 12-adult. $275
(plus $15 oversize shipping surcharge)

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...created by Chris Palmer

A grid of triangles, squares and hexagons transforms into "spools" that surround vertices in threes, fours and sixes, forming spirals where they meet. See how each color pair checkerboards a region. Here's Chris's paper on spiral tilings. Rich Lucite colors of topaz, aqua and ruby fill the field of 192 tiles in 23" frame, or custom-order your preferred colors. Display on its stand, or inquire about wall-mounting. For 1 or more players, ages 12 to adult. $295
(plus $15 oversize shipping surcharge)

Shown at 3/4 scale to other puzzles.
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...the Spidron art of Dániel Erdély

Dániel Erdély is a Hungarian designer whose patented Spidron system has produced an awesome collection of two-dimensional tilings and three-dimensional objects. We're pleased to have an exclusive license to make his Tulips design in our own unique beautiful style of Lucite transparent colors and framed 18˝" tray. The 210 tiles may vary in color mix and tray colors. Please specify if you have a preference. Display on shelf or pedestal on its easel, or inquire about wall-mounting. For 1 or more players, ages 12 to adult. $295 (plus $15 oversize shipping surcharge)

"Spidron" is a proprietary trademark of
Dániel Erdély, used by permission.

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