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...a trilogy of game systems and solitaires A rich and fascinating collection of many themes, with two separate sets of playing pieces and three handbooks, all housed in a corduroy carry bag. The handcrafted 14" wood board is laser-engraved, as are the numbered, hand-painted pieces. The Reveal/Hmm... checkers are finest quality; one touch will tell you—a perfectionist craftsman made these. For 1 to 4 players, ages 8 to adult. $149
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Left to right above:
Christopher's deluxe checkers play Hmm..., where your disks slide from edge to interior and seek to get 4 in a row.

For Reveal, checkers start face down and reveal whose they are, one by one. When only your color remains, you win.

Left to right above:

Leap includes five jumping and number games and four categories of solitaires, including knights' moves, magic squares and Wade Philpott's "Leap Solitaire," cited in Oxford University Press' The Ins and Outs of Peg Solitaire.

Stephen Sniderman's Take a Number includes 25 strategy games, 25 mazes, 25 magic squares, and 25 number games—all in honor of Kadon's 25th anniversary in 2005.

LEAP®...jumping games and solitaires

Leap includes five jumping and number games, and four categories of jumping and number puzzles to play on the 6x6 grid. Activities with chess knight's moves and magic squares are especially interesting. A major section is devoted to Wade Philpott's "Leap Solitaire," cited in Oxford University Press' The Ins and Outs of Peg Solitaire. The 36 checkers, numbered 1 through 36, are lasercut acrylic. White checkers are the even numbers, black ones are odd. The checkers reverse for those Leap games that don't use the numbers (shown at right). The 8x8" softpack playing board is leather-textured vinyl, durable, wipes clean easily. This is a highly versatile set for 1 or 2 players, ages 8 to adult. All the games and puzzles for Leap are also playable with the deluxe Six-by-Six ensemble above.$39

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VOIDTM invented by Michael Waitsman

The sculpted 4x4 grid serves for five progressively more complex game themes. Wood pieces have engraved single or double arrows. They point, respectively, one or two spaces away, thereby directing the opponent's moves or blocking spaces. The two kinds of solitaires involve knight's moves or arrow tours. Michael's fine sense of design turned the grid diagonal on the board for distinctive visual appeal. Pieces reverse to blank checkers and may be used as "nulls". Of enduring play value for 1 or 2 players, ages 8 to adult. Also available in "softpack" style with black vinyl game mat.

Deluxe Void, 8" wood board, $55
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Softpack Void, 8" vinyl mat, $35
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Larger image of Quantum
QUANTUMTM created by Peter Aleff

With a fascinating historical overview of games.
A Games 100 selection, 1985.

First published in 1984, Quantum has been a Kadon exclusive since 1987. In Quantum, Peter introduced a unique random-start idea: shake the contoured board to scatter the weighted counters to land where they may. There are two different games to play: connect opposite sides of the board with your 10 pieces, or capture the 4 central cups. The pieces first fall blank side up. Reverse them as you play to reveal their true character and strengths: circles move one step at a time; stars stride along like chess queens. Genuine mahogany frame holds the 10" molded playing tray. For 2 to 4 players, ages 10 to adult.$39

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Larger view and description
of playing Fluxx (18K)

Guest Appearance! We have all these versions...
FLUXX® ... created by Andy Looney

Fluxx 4.0 This unpredictable and ever-evolving strategy game of ever-changing rules is a total delight. The 100-card deck now has five kinds of cards: the original Action, Goal, Keeper and New Rule cards, plus 4 Creepers. Players collect Keeper cards to have what the Goal specifies, but a New Rule could change your number of Keepers, or the number of cards you draw, or even the Goal. New rules go into effect immediately, and self-referentially. The witty cards are lots of laughs. Play your cards carefully, since changes can bring cascade effects. For 2 to 6 players, ages 10 to adult. $16
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Star Fluxx, 100 cards in a mash-up of every space show theme and cliche. This may be our favorite Fluxx deck yet.   $16
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Monty Python Fluxx!! 100 cards of the real thing, the Looney touch applied to the source of the most inspired comic lunacy on the planet.   $20
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EcoFluxx, 84 environmentally themed cards, hilarious and educational, with beautiful artwork and a heartfelt message, $16
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FamilyFluxx, 56 cards, 17 ways to win, age 6 up. It's the slimmed-down, brightened-up version of Fluxx with simpler Rules, color Keepers, and neat new family-oriented Bonuses for kids, parents and grandparents — fun for the whole family! Same cardback as regular Fluxx for seamless deck mixing,$12
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Spanish Fluxx, 56 cards, 17 ways to win, age 6 up. It's the lively, Spanish-language version of Fluxx — fun for the whole family, Spanish speakers, Spanish learners, classrooms and clubs! $12
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Fluxx is a registered trademark of Looney Laboratories.

Larger image of Gemstones
and complete rules of play

... invented by P. R. Chase, styled by Kate Jones

Runner-up, best abstract strategy games,
Games 100 list, 2008

A strategy game of selective acquisition! The modular gameboard consists of 15 black acrylic hexagon rings, 3" diameter, arranged as shown. Each "cave" holds two gems drawn at random from the velvet bag. Your goal is to collect 3 different types of gems on each turn, from three caves adjacent in a straight line. A wild card (clear stone) lets you collect a fourth, or alter the board. Six kinds of gems (102 in all) with varying values and quantities to collect with careful planning. Refill the caves from the bag after each turn and mark the harvested hollows with 3 white pawns (the "ghosts" or guardians of the mines). At least one of your three caves must contain a guardian. Tally your hoard when the bag is empty. Most novel feature—the current player nominates who plays next! Don't worry, each player gets a turn in every round. Here are the full rules. Fascinating play for 1 to 5 players, ages 8 to adult. $75

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... invented by Art Blumberg

Ternion Factor is Art Blumberg's newest game, drawing on new themes and classic abstract strategies on a graceful, intricate board design. The finely handcrafted, laser-engraved 17" wood board adds to the pleasure. Each turn a player does three actions, which have three interwoven consequences of adding or removing pieces, with a bit of luck thrown into the choice process. Dedicated gamers will appreciate the beautiful logic and complex interactions. Yet the goal is simple: just get all your pieces onto the board. And for all the machinations and manipulations, there are no captures, no permanent eliminations. For a better overview of how to play, we include here the full rules. Learn three game themes, tackle two challenging solitaires. Includes playing pieces in 4 colors, special marker pieces, and felt slipcase. Engrossing play for 1 to 4 players, ages 12 to adult. $85

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