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This acrylic set, inspired by Alan Schoen's Rombix, has just four shapes, each in four colors:  a single rhomb, a square, a chevron (pair of rhombs), and a "boot" (paired rhomb and square). These four pieces can also form a small octagon. The variety of pretty patterns they can make is astonishing — they are a natural for creating kaleidoscopic symmetries. Young children enjoy seeing the puzzle come out different every time. Color mix may vary. Rombix Jr. is packaged in a 5" tray, with an illustrated booklet that contains many activities suitable for 1 and 2 players, ages 5 to adult.$32

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Squiggly shapes of 1, 2, and 3 "rounds" and "bridges" fill the 5.75" acrylic tray in countless colorful ways. This puzzle has been one of our bestsellers since 1983. The illustrated booklet includes many variations for ages 5 to adult as well as rules for 3 games for 2 players. Color mix may vary. $32

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A "Treasured Oldie" from 1950
— with 17,995 solutions!

The ten acrylic pieces include all the shapes of 1, 2, and 3 squares in size, plus 3 each of the 4s and 5s. The three colors all cover the same area, but it's tough to get them all to make the same shape—there are exactly 17 ways to do it. Or how about the four quads problem—to make 4 identical shapes of 9 units each has only 3 possibilities. Or try the enclosure challenge:  Each color can be enclosed by the other two. What is the shortest perimeter? Beat our best result and win a prize. Filling the 6x6 pattern in the 5" tray with color-matching and non-matching is just a small part of the countless figures to solve, both easy and tough, including a pretty alphabet. Great for one to four players, ages 8 to adult. $32

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Shapes made of hexagons joined are known as "polyhexes." Hexnut Jr. is a small hex ring with all the shapes of one to four hexagons in size, plus a selected quartet of fives. Its booklet is full of variations and other puzzle shapes to solve, plus a game for two players. The game is unusual in that the two players pursue different objectives. All acrylic with 7" tray, in five color choices. Suggested for ages 8 to adult. $39

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BEAR HUGSTM ....created by Kate Jones

By popular request for age 3 and up... A friendly family of teddies that teach. Six bears each in six colors have 36 all-different poses. Playing with them, the child builds the foundations of thinking skills and imagination, from simple concepts of colors and counting to visual perception of attributes, similarities and differences, manual dexterity, sorting and ordering, creating and improvising. The heavy 23" tray has cut-outs for matching shapes. The flip side has 36 circles so any bear can fit, for extended explorations and games. Make up stories, mimic the bears' poses for dance moves, invent dialogues. All laser-cut acrylic, washable. With display stand and felt slipcase. Handbook included for the responsible adult. For 1 to 6 players. $195 (Oversize surcharge on shipping, $15 U.S.; $25 international.)

Shown at 3/4 scale to the other puzzles.
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Bear facts: Our stockpile of cut-out gray bears found new life in the limited collector's edition, Sudo-Koala, designed and made for the 2007 International Puzzle Party, Australia. See also Six Disks/Bears edition, BuzzBears dexterity spinner, and other Specialty Bears.

This happy group has just 16 bears, a sub-group of the 36 in the full Bear Hugs set, with four colors. No two bears in the same row, horizontally or vertically, have the same color, nor arm and leg position. All laser-cut acrylic, 15"x15" reversible tray, felt slipcase and display stand. Our youngest fan's mom displayed it in his nursery for visual stimulation and future fun. Years later it's still one of his favorites. Color mix may vary. The same manual as for Bear Hugs provides endless fun. For 1 to 4 players, ages 3 to adult. $98
Shown at 3/4 scale to the other puzzles.

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