Ed Pegg's "37 Squares" — Sold out


These puzzles were originally made as a special order for Ed Pegg Jr. to illustrate a solution to the "37 Squares" problem of fitting 37 squares of ascending size within the smallest possible square enclosure, leaving the minimum amount of gaps. Laser-cut acrylic has tinted transparent tiles within a 23" tray. It needed to be this large to make the smallest squares visible, let alone maneuverable. Check out the 4-color map coloring. The schematic below shows each square with its respective size marked.

This huge set was a rare mathematical artifact and part of a hot research topic. We supplied an easel or stand so it could be displayed as a colorful piece of art. Our supply sold out in 2020. If you absolutely need to have one, we can make one for you as a custom order. Compares to others of our puzzles at $250. Inquire by email.

Here are the divisions of 37 consecutive sizes of squares:

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