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GARDEN PATCHTM developed by Kate Jones

This petite ensemble of octagon-based tiles, 1 and 2 and 3 in size, endeared itself to our puzzle folks some years ago and finally found its springtime to bloom. Three flowers snuggle among patches of grass in hundreds of arrangements (see a few at right). Marblized acrylic gives it a shimmery look. So pretty! Soft velour mat has hand-drawn grid to help lay out the pieces. Stores in drawstring pouch, handy for trips, entertains ages 5 to adult. $22

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TINY TANSTM developed by Kate Jones

These mini-puzzles have just 4 pieces each, based on combinations of right triangles but with some shapes a bit different from traditional tangrams. Dozens of silhouette patterns pose various levels of difficulty for each of the three styles. The "Tantalizing T" puzzle may look familiar, but we've changed the proportions from the traditional model to make it more versatile. "U Can Do It" has 4 all-different tiles. The T and U are equivalent to 5 squares in size (pentominoes). "Square and Fair" looks like a diamond but is really a 2x2 square. All have recloseable plastic storage bags, and all pieces are size-compatible for mix-and-match explorations. About 4" solved. Colors may vary from those shown. For ages 8 to adult. Sold as trios below or sold singly. For its 25th anniversary in 2014, we introduced a special Trio-in-a-Tray version (below right). It includes all three pattern cards plus bonus figures.

Colorful acrylic, group of 3, $27
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Solid wood, group of 3, $42
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Trio-in-a-Tray, combo of 3, $42
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Larger image of Grand Tans
and a couple of solutions

...a hundred-year-old classic

The 7 finely handcrafted wood pieces, not the same as tangram tiles, form 101 puzzle shapes. We reconstructed them from figures found with an antique set originally published in 1891 in anchorstone by the German company, F.A. Richter. The pieces are great for improvising new designs. Their proportions are related to angles of squares and octagons, but the pie-shaped piece tends to be troublesome. Green felt drawstring storage pouch included. Wood grain may vary. For ages 8 to adult. $39

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...posed by Donald Knuth

This 16-piece lasercut acrylic puzzle has a lengthy pedigree. From a suggestion by Nob. Yoshigahara, the late, great Japanese puzzlemaster, to the posing of 4 very difficult questions by Don, this puzzle was first distributed at an International Puzzle Party. We developed it further, adding many other designs and questions. There's always something else to explore with it. There are 4 triangle sizes each in 4 colors, which can build 4 separate little pentagons or one large one. Their geometry is related by the "golden ratio." Handy cloth storage bag and instructions are included. Recommended ages 10 to adult. (Shipping discount) $25

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POCKET STARTM...styled by Kate Jones

This adorable little set of 25 tiles (15 kites, 10 darts) in 5 colors is one of several "25"-based sets created for Kadon's 25th anniversary in 2005. Lets you make hundreds of symmetry patterns with color and shape. Travels easily in its drawstring pouch, so do take it along in pocket or bag. It's a sweet pastime, intriguing icebreaker, creative entertainer, relaxing stress remover, fun to doodle with anytime, anywhere, alone or with a partner. Leaflet suggests several avenues of exploration. Recommended for ages 8 to adult. (Shipping discount) $20

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Shape by Shape is a trademark
of ThinkFun, Inc.
Guest appearance!
...designed by Nob. Yoshigahara,
made by ThinkFun, Inc.

Here's another fine idea from our friend Nob., superlatively presented by ThinkFun (formerly Binary Arts). An injection-molded tray holds 14 geometric pieces on top, and a little drawer with 60 puzzle pattern cards below. The pieces feel very nice. Great ease of handling is a plus when the solutions are so elusive. Two colors mark pieces that are, respectively, two and three right triangles in size (a subset of our Tan Tricks series). Arrange one color into the figure shown on the card, then fill the background with the other. Partial-solution hints are given on the back of each card, in case help is needed. We recommend these for ages 8 to adult. $15

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