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...conceived by Ward Hollins

A dazzling decagon floats like a globe in its 23" frame, made of 90 tiles: 45 wide and 45 slender diamonds (72 degrees and 36 degrees). Each tile is divided through the middle into 4 triangles, to give each side its own color, in every combination of 3 colors. Edgematch the tiles to create symmetries and ribbons of color with frosted mirror accents that give the design a metallic gleam. Custom orders are invited from our extensive palette of available colors. White or black tray looks best. $495 (plus $15 oversize shipping surcharge)

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"Doris on a Torus" animation
  Doris the Movie (animated figures)
  Doris in the media (Serbian videos)
  Doris, A Success Story (YouTube video)
  Doris, A Creativity Tool (YouTube video)
    RESULTS — Doris Championships
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DORISTM ...invented by Zdravko Zivkovic,
developed with Toby Gottfried and Kate Jones

This totally amazing set of 24 octagonal tiles with all combinations of 3 colors on their edges has millions of solutions! Or only 2, or 8, depending on what you attempt. The centers are sometimes squares, sometimes diamonds. Such mixed designs are much more challenging. Here is a beautiful one with all diamonds, plus some mixed combos from the book. Many ways to match: single edges, double-color edges, hybrids, even corners. A huge repertoire of figures will keep you enthralled, plus rules for two games of space ships on rescue missions — Space TowTM and Space CrossingTM — played on a 3-part sectional engraved vinyl game grid. All acrylic tiles, hand-inlaid in your choice of colors, in white or black 14" frame. Easel and felt slipcase included. For 1 and 2 players, ages 8 to adult.$150

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Gallery Edition
...created by Charles Butler,
styled by Kate Jones

The 12 basic Hexmozaix tiles form a radiant sunburst embedded within a 15" rounded square frame (at left). Clear faceplate with solid brass acorn nut holds them in place, and hanging strips on the back of the frame make the set easy to wall-mount, singly or paired with its companion, Hexmozaix II (below), a stunning duo. They also look great displayed on their easels. The two sets are compatible and interactive, so we make them with the same trio of colors. Books full of design challenges and game rules are included. Please acquire Hexmozaix first, or get the pair together, as much of the material for Hexmozaix II needs the 12 basic tiles as partners in design. We invite your custom color orders from our palette of available colors, perhaps with frosted accents. For ages 10 to adult, 1 or 2 players. $175

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HEXMOZAIX IITM Gallery Edition
...created by Charles Butler, styled by Kate Jones

This is the glorious companion to Hexmozaix (above), with 18 tiles joined and colormatched as a hexagon ring in their 15" frame. The color inlay of these tiles differs from the basic Hexmozaix in having two chevrons of one color and two diamonds of a second color, with the third color as in Hexmozaix, one chevron and one diamond. The color flows into breathtaking patterns when you match the edges. Because the two sets are compatible, we make them in matching three-color combos. Please be sure you have the 12-piece set before you order this one, or order both of them together. We'll be happy to make your custom order if you'd like colors other than what we show here. For ages 10 to adult, 1 to 6 players. $195

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....created by Kate Jones

This grandest of our Snowflake series, with 70 all-different dainty tiles, adds a luminous accent to any room. Its 5 transparent hues glow like stained glass. Four shapes of edge make for a most amazing matching challenge, a serious puzzle. The little "twinkle" cut-outs give a filigree effect. Display it horizontally or vertically, as best suits your decor. Assembles in hundreds of ways, not all necessarily with the color stripes you see here, and not always just in its black-framed 15x18" tray. Recommended for teen and adult puzzle lovers, 1 to 6 players. Custom color choices on request. With easel and a suction tool for lifting the pieces, $155

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