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...created by Titus and Schensted
  • A work of art each time you play.
  • 5 times on the Games 100 list!
  • Games magazine's "Golden Oldies" list, 1995
  • Omni magazine's "Best Games" list, 1983
The history: In the 1970s, this game was sold under the name, "Psyche-Paths," in die-cut cardboard. Future Classics, the inventors' company, recovered the rights to the game and produced Kaliko in clear acrylic until 1987. Kadon started selling their
version in 1985. Since 1991 the game has been licensed to and produced exclusively by Kadon. The acrylic version was replaced by lasercut wood in 2001.
Larger image of Kaliko

The game: The 85 hexagons represent all possible patterns of 3 paths with 3 colors. Match them by color to form long paths and score points. This great game leaves all participants feeling good, win or lose. A more detailed write-up appears in the review by Steffan O'Sullivan (link opens in new window). Intricate puzzles of color symmetry or the longest single loop are included. A felt bag holds tiles during play, and little bamboo screens shield each player's tiles. For 1 to 4 players, ages 8 to adult. $135

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This concept was created in 1959 by an architect, Bill Briggs. We've expanded the original tile patterns from four to the full eight. Every combination of 1, 2, 3 and 4 paths exiting from a square, with enough multiples in a strategic mix, allows the creation of the most intricate designs. All you have to do is match the paths. A strange fact — no matter how you connect the paths, the number of separate groups will always equal the number of closed loops formed. Latest discovery:  up to 19 are possible! The laser-cut, hand-inlaid acrylic tiles are framed so the 14" set can be displayed on its easel as an ever-changing work of art. We offer it in four color combinations, in felt slipcase. Rules for several games are included. For 1 to 4 players, ages 10 to adult. $195

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...created by Anneke Treep

This one stands out in any crowd. The concept: 24 diamond-shaped tiles (sample shown at right) and 6 triangular tiles carry the 6 dominant rainbow colors in every combination. Join them so colors meet only their own shades or their neighbors in the spectrum. Wonderful patterns emerge as you rearrange the tiles. Solve symmetrical shapes outside the 8.5" tray, as well. Hand-inlaid acrylic. For 1 or 2 players, ages 8 to adult. $65

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BOATSTM ...invented by Michael Roberts, developed by Kate Jones

On Games 100 list for 2004, runner-up in Puzzles category. This enchanting set was designed and developed entirely by trans-Atlantic email between Mike Roberts and Kate Jones. The ideas and messages grew and flew feverishly for months, and at last we stopped at 101 beautiful and challenging figures formed by matching the boat-shaped tiles by color. The 36 tiles comprise all the ways 6 colors can be paired. Here's a sample tile. They're so nice to handle, all smooth and hand-inlaid acrylic in rainbow color mix. The 13 islands in the 11" tray are fixed in place. Outside the tray 100 other exquisite lattices await. Several competitive games are included. With display stand. For 1 to 4 players, ages 8 to adult.$95

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Guest appearance!
...created by Diego Uribe, made by Y&B Associates

Create optical illusions and impossible objects with the 256 triangular tiles. Their 45 different edge patterns mark the girders and beams of figures drawn in isometric perspective, allowing you to form the effect of an impossible three-dimensional shape. Several sample figures kick off your creativity. These are reminiscent of the work of M. C. Escher and tremendous fun. Nicely made 2" die-cut, glossy cardboard tiles require a one-time disassembly. For 1 to 8 players, ages 10 to adult. $29

Puzzabilities is a trademark of Y&B Associates

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...conceived by Ward Hollins

A dazzling decagon floats like a globe in its 23" frame, made of 90 tiles: 45 wide and 45 slender diamonds (72 degrees and 36 degrees). Each tile is divided through the middle into 4 triangles, to give each side its own color, in every combination of 3 colors. Edgematch the tiles to create symmetries and ribbons of color with frosted mirror accents that give the design a metallic gleam. Custom orders are invited from our extensive palette of available colors. White or black tray looks best. $495 (plus $15 oversize shipping surcharge)

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