Tangled Triangles    

A movable art mosaic
designed by Kate Jones

This set started out as a limited-edition specialty item in 2020, to last only until the few sets sold out. It turned out, however, that Kate fell in love with it and gave it a permanent place in our product line. It's really special.

Here are 50 isosceles right triangles in 4 colors, with the three main colors divided into 12, 16, and 20 triangles and in different combinations of colors in its 8.5" tray. You might like to take pictures of your designs and collect them in an album. Display your favorite designs on its little easel wherever you'd like to have a pretty accent in any room. We show a few sample patterns here to get you started, all made with the same set of tiles, except for varying the few accent pieces.

Playing and creating with such a set is incredibly relaxing and soothing, and a source of joy with every accomplishment. Reduce the stresses of today's world, feel your power to put things in the order you want. Then apply that skill with greater confidence to the strategy games for 2 to 4 players, explained below, and then to real worldly problems. Make things beautiful!     $59

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Tangled Symmetry
A game for 2 to 4 players

Place the 50 tiles in random order on the table in a common draw pile. Take turns placing any tile into the tray, starting in a corner and staying within the implicit 5x5 field.

Add one triangle at a time into the tray, sharing a side with either another piece or the edge of the tray. Aim to maintain a symmetry of shape or color.

Players score points for how many triangles are contained within the symmetrical region their move creates. The game ends when all 50 tiles have been placed, and the players add up their scores for the symmetry patches they made on each turn. High score wins.

Tick's triangle tricks

Here we show a collection of Tangled Triangles symmetries solved by Tick Wang, an avid puzzle fan from Shanghai, as posted on his Facebook page. We look forward to more of his artistic creations.

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