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...posed by Donald Knuth

This 16-piece lasercut acrylic puzzle has a lengthy pedigree. From a suggestion by Nob. Yoshigahara, the well-known Japanese puzzlemaster, to the posing of 4 very difficult questions by Don, this puzzle was first distributed at an International Puzzle Party. We developed it further, adding many other designs and questions. There's always something else to explore with it. There are 4 triangle sizes each in 4 colors, which can build 4 separate little pentagons or one large one. Their geometry is related by the "golden ratio." Longest side of largest triangle is 2". Handy cloth storage bag and instructions are included. Recommended ages 10 to adult. (Shipping discount) $25

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PENTA-MOSAIKTM designed by Tick Wang

This hybrid set of 10 long and 10 short "kites" and 10 golden triangles invites interesting explorations of periodic and non-periodic tiling patterns. Create ever-changing designs free-form or in their acrylic 7" decagon tray. The three-color mix of pieces combines artistic and mathematical variations, great fun to find always new and different arrangements. Here are a few examples by Tick and by Kate Jones. Recommended for ages 6 to adult. $42

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DEKA-MOSAIKTM developed by Kate Jones

This set is an excellent introduction to pentagon play: Create ever-changing patterns with 15 pairs of golden triangles and five pentagons in an acrylic 7" decagon tray. The four-color mix of the pieces makes it fun to continue to find new and different arrangements. Colors may vary. Recommended for ages 6 to adult. $42

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DEKA-STARTM styled by Kate Jones

This set of two shapes in four colors is the next best thing to a kaleidoscope. The 36-degree rhombus and the 72-degree rhombus are just what it takes to fill up a decagon. Vary the patterns as you like from utterly chaotic to exquisitely symmetrical. Color mix may vary. For its silver anniversary year 2019, we gave it a silver frame. Recommended for ages 6 to adult. $42

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KITE-MOSAIKTM developed by Kate Jones

This set is the most complex of the decagon trilogy. Four shapes in four colors include kites, darts, and the two golden triangles. Kite patterns of various sizes, pentagons and stars can be formed with the colors within the tray. Outside the tray the pieces can model every size of kite, from a unit tile to a giant one that exactly uses the entire set. Build it a certain way, and you can split it to form two tall triangles. Join those a different way to form a thin diamond. We got quite a kick out of discovering these relationships, maybe because solving the shapes was really tough. Its 45 pieces also make it a fine 45th anniversary commemorative. Color mix may vary. Recommended for ages 10 to adult. $42

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"Fence" accessories (3 kits)
for La Ora Stelo borders

LA ORA STELOTM created by Jacques Ferroul

Games Magazine review, October 2009
Games 100 list, December 2009, Best Puzzle for Year 2010

The name means "The Golden Star" in Esperanto, and it's an original multi-polyform set based on combinations of the two golden triangles in groups of one, two and three. The 32 Lucite tiles are in 8 luminous translucent colors. Color arrangements may vary. The 12" tray's floor has 9 rings for forming ascending sizes of pentagons, rhombs, trapezoids, stars and more. Display stand included. Jacques' webpage has an awesome collection of patterns and challenges for you to see and download. Here are more details about the set, plus results of a 2009 competition with a trapezoid theme. A second contest offered three complex La Ora Stelo figures. Introduced in 2020: three kits of fence segments, total 142 pieces, to build borders for special figures—they are an art in their own right. For ages 10 to adult. $72

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...conceived by Ward Hollins

A dazzling decagon floats like a globe in its 23" frame, made of 90 tiles: 45 wide and 45 slender diamonds (72 degrees and 36 degrees). Each tile is divided through the middle into 4 triangles, to give each side its own color, in every combination of 3 colors. Edgematch the tiles to create symmetries and ribbons of color with frosted mirror accents that give the design a metallic gleam. Custom orders are invited from our extensive palette of available colors. White or black tray looks best. $495 (plus $15 oversize shipping surcharge)

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