Dates of first release—alphabetical

This alphabetical index shows the years in which each of our gamepuzzles was first released. Items marked with (*) are not Kadon-created though they have some Kadon input and are available exclusively from Kadon. Their names are proprietary trademarks of their respective inventors or manufacturers. Items marked with ** are names believed to be in the public domain and have been redesigned and produced, in whole or in part, by Kadon. All other product names on this list are proprietary trademarks for original creations of Kadon Enterprises, Inc. Some items no longer exist; their start-end dates are given. Items with upgrades show start/revised dates. Products in guest showcases only and items meant for very limited distribution or custom orders are not listed here.

To see the order in which we introduced our products year by year, go to the Chronological Index.

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