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...a dance of hearts and spaces

Reviewed in Games magazine, January 1986.

Many people, when they first see this puzzle, are reminded of M.C. Escher's work. The tiles are all the combinations of straight, convex and concave edges, transformed step by step from a regular square. The 36 tiles comprise the 24 permutations of hearts and spaces, plus 12 duplicates. We combine three colors to give the all-acrylic set a stained-glass look. It looks really nice displayed on an easel. The tray is 8". Hundreds of symmetrical figures can be solved, and rules for 7 competitive games are also included, for 2 to 6 players, ages 12 to adult. $65

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...created by Kate Jones

43 curvy acrylic pieces of 1, 2, 3 and 4 "rounds" and "bridges" fill a 10x10 grid. The hefty booklet includes over 200 puzzles (some of these are the most difficult we've ever dreamed up) and rules for six competitive games. The scalloped-edge black tray is 8", with pieces in jewel-like colors. A game grid is included, useful for both the games and the puzzles. For its 25th anniversary year, we're making a limited number of them with frosted silver-tone frames! Request it on your your order. Playable by 1 to 6 players, ages 12 to adult. Reviewed in Games Jr., April/May 1989. $65

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Cube Brick and Color Up are trademarks of
AVAX Corp.

P.S.:  Although Cube Brick
is sold out, we hope to produce
a new edition someday.

Limited first editions, only while supplies last!

CUBE BRICKTM ... Sold out — and — COLOR UPTM
...both sets invented by Zdravko Zivkovic, developed with Kate Jones

On Games 100 list, December 2002. Unique color-patterned cubes:  drawing on 6 colors, each cube is an all-different combination, and its six faces use its colors in every possible arrangement. Cube Brick has 15 cubes of 4 colors on its 2x2 faces, 90 different faces in all, and a wealth of figures to solve by matching the cube edges, plus super challenges of 3-D shapes with non-matched solutions. Color Up has 3 colors per cube, 120 all-different faces and a great collection of figures. Games for beginners and experts are included. We have the beautiful first editions, handcrafted in Yugoslavia and numbered and signed by the inventor, in elegant wood cases. About 1" cubes. For 1 to 4 players, ages 6 to adult.

Order Color Up, $65

... With a great strategy game
by Nancy Van Schooenderwoert

Sir Roger Penrose's quadrilaterals form non-periodic symmetries (no regularly repeating patterns) out to infinity. They're sold by the pod of 5 kites, 3 darts, approximating the golden ratio. All-acrylic tiles measure 1.25 inches on their longer sides. The master set (introduced in July 2004) contains 40 pods (320 pieces total, 8 pods each of five colors) plus a handsome 16" vinyl game mat with the grid structure shown at left. Using just three colors, players fill the spaces of the grid so that no two of the same color ever share sides. Two-fold goal:  have the fewest tiles remaining, and create a perfect non-matched Penrose pattern that fills the board. Suspenseful "patch play," when players repair a conflict in the color pattern, can suddenly reverse the lead. One false move and you lose your turn. For ages 10 to adult, 1 to 5 players.

20-pod starter set, $85
(tiles only, no game)
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40-pod master set, $149
(with game supplement)
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8-piece pods, each, $6
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Larger image of Gemstones
and complete rules of play
... invented by P. R. Chase, styled by Kate Jones

Runner-up, best abstract strategy games,
Games 100 list, December 2007. Read the review.

A strategy game of selective acquisition! The modular gameboard consists of 15 black acrylic hexagon rings, 3" diameter, arranged as shown. Each "cave" holds two gems drawn at random from the velvet bag. Your goal is to collect 3 different types of gems on each turn, from three caves adjacent in a straight line. A wild card (clear stone) lets you collect a fourth, or alter the board. Six kinds of gems (102 in all) with varying values and quantities to collect with careful planning. Refill the caves from the bag after each turn and mark the harvested hollows with 3 black stones. At least one of your three caves must contain a black stone. Tally your hoard when the bag is empty. Most novel feature—the current player nominates who plays next! Don't worry, each player gets a turn in every round. Here are the full rules. Fascinating play for 1 to 5 players, ages 8 to adult. $75

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LA ORA STELOTM created by Jacques Ferroul

Games Magazine review, October 2009
Games 100 list, December 2009, Best Puzzle of 2010

The name means "The Golden Star" in Esperanto, and it's an original multi-polyform set based on combinations of the two golden triangles in groups of one, two and three. The 32 Lucite tiles are in 8 luminous translucent colors. Color arrangements may vary. The 12" tray's floor is engraved with 9 rings for forming ascending sizes of pentagons, rhombs, trapezoids, stars and more. Display stand included. Jacques' webpage has an awesome collection of patterns and challenges for you to see and download. Also see La Ora Stelo in the Pentagon Universe section for links to more details and a couple of prize competitions. For ages 10 to adult. $72

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