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For Kadon's 25th anniversary celebration during the year 2005, Kate designed a special commemorative "Logo" puzzle, dividing Kadon's famous W pentomino logo into 25 parts. It was a limited edition of 125 sets, each set numbered, and sold for $25. It was discontinued in October 2007.

The reversible tray had the number "25" on the back. One side was silver, the other black, as shown below.

The 25 pieces are the P pentomino in 5 transparent colors, each with its "nose" painted in the 5 different colors. There are 25 challenges and 25 figures. Because the pieces are small, we supplied a little suction tool for manipulating them. The booklet gives a brief history of the company and acknowledges by name the 25 key individuals who had helped us along those first 25 years.

The pages of the booklet are reproduced below. It is a single sheet folded into thirds to produce 12 pages. Now folding that sheet is a puzzle in itself... Here they are in the order of the folds. This document has been modified to fit your screen.

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