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Larger image of deluxe Octiles
and detailed rules of play

OCTILES® (the deluxe edition)
....created by Dale Walton

Octiles is one of our most acclaimed sets, repeatedly a Games 100 selection (1985 and 1992 reviews). We frequently hear raves about it from satisfied customers. The 18 all-different wood tiles have four laser-engraved paths each. Players join the tiles to create routes across the board as their five "runners" race to the opposite side. Tiles move and paths change on every turn, creating a dynamic whirl of strategies. In handsome velvet satchel. The book includes three game variations plus 29 puzzles. Read here the detailed rules for the "Move Over" version. For 1 to 4 players, ages 10 to adult. $145

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...invented by Michael Waitsman

On Omni's list of best new games, 1983.
Reviewed in Games, April 1983.

Michael's goal was to create a meta-game for rule-changing with a fixed slate of rules, unlike the fluid game of Nomic. The rules are on the 9 wood tiles and determine how the players may move their pieces, trade tiles, and win. A rule is activated when a player's piece enters a correspondingly shaped tile, and the previously active rule turns off. A placement phase precedes movement. Experienced players can sometimes win even before movement begins. For 2 players, ages 12 to adult. Choose the deluxe wood version or the travel set:
Deluxe Proteus, 16" wood board, fabric satchel, $95
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Softpack Proteus, roll-up vinyl, drawstring pouch, $75
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POLY-5TM.... designed by Kate Jones

One of our constant bestsellers. All the shapes of 1 through 5 squares in size (polyominoes orders 1 through 5) fill a 6" tray. The colorful lasercut acrylic pieces also serve for six games and hundreds of other puzzle shapes, as shown in the 52-page handbook. Here's an elegant alphabet. See also the special Anniversary designs we created with the full Poly-5 set for the 25th annual Maryland Renaissance Festival (2001), 50th annual Three Rivers Arts Festival (2009), 40th Annual Syracuse Arts & Crafts Festival, 40th annual Greensboro Craftsmen's Christmas Classic (2013), 30th annual Verona Fine Art and Crafts, 30th CHAP Convention, 50th annual Artsfest of Greater Harrisburg, and Kadon's own 30th Anniversary and 35th Anniversary. For 1 to 4 players, ages 8 to adult. Available in five color choices. Games Jr.'s write-up was in the Aug./Sept. 1989 issue. $42

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36 acrylic pieces include all the shapes of 6 squares joined ("hexominoes"). They are sized to be compatible with Poly-5, for those who want the extra fun of combining the whole series. The 8" tray and game grid accommodate four strategic games and hundreds of puzzles. You can choose from several color combinations. For its 25th anniversary in 2009, we gave it a frosted silver frame and center, and a special "25" solving challenge (.pdf, 68KB). Suitable for 1 to 6 players, ages 12 to adult. Reviewed in Games, May 1985. $65

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Larger view of Teleporters gameboard and pieces

Complete rule book (545KB)

TELEPORTERSTM.... invented by Manuel Garcia

Reviewed in Games Magazine, February 2005
Games 100 list, December 2005

This is the second of Manny's game ideas Kadon has published. See also our old favorite, Triangoes. In Teleporters, we introduce an entirely original game concept of instantaneous space travel— A player's "pole" pieces can travel not just on their own but by hitching rides in teleporters that can zoom across the board. Teleporters consist of two "port" pieces that have joined up. Singly they also block and guard. Teleporters can even grab opponent poles and teleport them back to their starting lines. Another unique feature: Move 2 poles and 2 ports on every turn. Every move brings an exciting opportunity for strategic dazzle. Finely crafted, laser-engraved 18" wood board is hand-painted in a distinctive design; 8 poles and 8 ports are handcrafted and stained. Blue felt slipcover included. For ages 10 to adult, 1 or 2 players. $175

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Play Pearl Fisher online against
a cunning computer!
... invented by Ferenc Palinkas, style and puzzles by Kate Jones

On Games 100 list, December 2008 (review). Pearl Fisher is an elegant synergy of abstract strategy and memory. Two boards in one — square grid on one side, a hex grid on the other. Finely crafted 11" boards are laser-engraved. The "pearls" are glass marbles. Move pearls and cover them with shells. Can you find the right color of pearl? Three game themes plus solitaires. Includes 9 pearls each of 3 colors plus 9 "shells" and a felt slipcase. Engrossing play for 1 to 3 players, ages 10-adult. $65

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