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  • In Memoriam
    Through December 2013, Games Magazine's editors selected games for review
    and for inclusion in an annual "Games 100" Buyer's Guide
    to the best games. These Kadon games were honored
    by 52
    Games 100 reviews in over 30 years.
    Reviews reprinted by permission.

    Larger image of Quintillions


    Eight times on the Games 100 list.
    Games magazine's "Golden Oldies" list, 1995.
    (Read the reviews.)

    This is our No. 1 game, and the one that launched the company in 1979. The 12 lasercut, hand-polished maple blocks, 13/16" unit cube size, are all the different shapes 5 cubes can make when joined in a flat plane ("solid pentominoes"). Illustrated booklet of 80 pages has the most comprehensive collection of activities for the set, and much original material, including 2-D and 3-D puzzles and 5 competitive games. The pieces feel very good to the touch. They could become a lifetime avocation. For 1 to 4 players, ages 6 to adult. $85

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    Larger image of Kaliko and brief history

    ...created by Titus and Schensted
    • A work of art each time you play.
    • 5 times on the Games 100 list!
    • Games's "Golden Oldies" list, 1995. (Read the reviews.)
    The 85 handfinished wood hexagons represent all possible patterns of 3 paths with 3 colors. Match them by color to form long paths and score points. This great game leaves all participants feeling good, win or lose. Intricate puzzles of color symmetry or the longest single loop are included. A tailored felt bag holds the tiles during play, and little bamboo screens shield each player's tiles. For 1 to 4 players, ages 8 to adult. $135

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    TRIANGOESTM   from an idea by Manuel Garcia

    This is one of our larger creations, over 6 years in development. One and two right isosceles triangles form squares, parallelograms, and triangles in every combination of 5 colors, making for 80 unique, hand-inlaid acrylic tiles. The booklet provides hundreds of progressively more intricate puzzles plus rules for 15 games. The two-sided vinyl gameboard is a colorful 13x36" banner with rod and cord ready to hang. For 1 to 10 players, ages 8 to adult. Triangoes appeared on Games magazine's 1988 list of the year's best games. Here's the review. $225

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    Larger image of
    Triangoes game set
    and description of tiles

    Larger image of Quantum

    QUANTUMTM   created by Peter Aleff

    With a fascinating historical overview of games.
    A Games 100 selection, 1985 (review).

    First published in 1984, Quantum has been a Kadon exclusive since 1987. In Quantum, Peter introduced a unique random-start idea: shake the contoured board to scatter the weighted counters to land where they may. Play two different games: connect opposite sides of the board with your 10 pieces, or capture the 4 central cups. The pieces first fall blank side up. Reverse them as you play to reveal their true character and strengths: circles move one step at a time; stars stride along like chess queens. Genuine mahogany frame holds the 10.5" molded playing tray. For 2 to 4 players, ages 10 to adult. $39

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    "Doris on a Torus" animation
      Doris in the media (Serbian videos)
      Doris the Movie (animated figures)
      Doris, A Success Story (YouTube video)
      Doris, A Creativity Tool (YouTube video)
        RESULTS — Doris Championships
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    DORISTM ...invented by Zdravko Zivkovic,
    developed with Toby Gottfried and Kate Jones

    On Games 100 list for 2009, first place in
    Puzzles category (review).

    This totally amazing set of 24 octagonal tiles with all combinations of 3 colors on their edges has millions of solutions! Or only 2, or 8, depending on what you attempt. Notice how the centers are sometimes squares, sometimes diamonds. Such mixed solutions are much more challenging. Here is a beautiful one with all diamonds, plus some mixed combos from the book. Many ways to match edges: single edges, double-color edges, hybrids, even corners. A huge repertoire of cool figures will keep you enthralled, plus rules for two games of space ships on rescue missions — Space TowTM and Space CrossingTM — played on a 3-part sectional engraved vinyl game grid. All acrylic tiles, hand-inlaid in your choice of colors, in white or black 14" frame. Easel and felt slipcase included. Full-color rulebook. For 1 and 2 players, ages 8 to adult.$150

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    MemorIQ the Movie on YouTube MemorIQTM   (sounds like "Memory Cue")
    ...created by Zdravko Zivkovic, styled by Kate Jones

    On Games 100 list for 2012.
    Write-up in October 2011. Read the reviews.

    In the spirit of his award-winning Doris set, we joyfully present Zdravko's MemorIQ, 24 hexagons hand-inlaid with three squat pentagons in every combination of 4 colors (sample tile at right). Match them on single edges, double-color edges, or even hybrids (single to double) to form a huge collection of imaginative free-form figures plus gorgeous color patterns. Pure art! All acrylic, in 11" tray with 7 islands in two styles: bright colors in white tray or frosted colors in black tray. Letter tiles reverse to blanks. Display stand included. Separate game rules booklet and gameboard to follow. For 1 or more players, ages 12 to adult. $95

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