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Proteus was reviewed by Games in April 1983. Here's what the editor, R. Wayne Schmittberger, wrote:
PROTEUS (2 players)
At last someone has devised a challenging game for a 3x3 board, and this one has the unique twist that the rules are constantly changing.

The board is initially empty. Two players take turns filling its nine squares with nine colored "space" tiles and two contrasting sets of three playing pieces each. When all tiles and pieces are on the board, each player in turn either moves one of his pieces or transposes two tiles. The nine space tiles come in three shapes and three colors, each with a different rule of the game printed on one of its faces — three different ways to win, three different ways to move pieces, and three different requirements for transposing space tiles — but only one rule of each type is in effect at any given time. The "active" rules are shown on tiles that are face up, but certain moves require tiles to be flipped over, which brings new rules into play. Just as your opponent is about to get all his pieces onto triangular spaces, you may be able to change the object of the game from occupying three spaces of the same shape to occupying three spaces in a row.

It's very difficult to look more than one move ahead, and some strategists may find this a weakness in Proteus. Others, though, are sure to enjoy the game's sudden turns of fortune and unexpected climaxes. —R.W.S.

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