Games Magazine selects: Teleporters

Teleporters was chosen by Games as one of the 100 best games for the year 2006 and runner-up in the Abstract Strategy Games category. Here's reviews editor John McCallion's write-up from the December 2005 "Games 100" Buyer's Guide to Games:
TELEPORTERS   2 players
Designer Manuel Garcia teleports you to a new world of strategic maneuvering. On your side of the attractive 8x8 board, begin your four poles and four ports (each a pair of walls at right angles). You move two of each unit per turn. Poles move one or two spaces orthogonally, including between the board's right and left edges as if they were connected. A port moves any number of vacant spaces orthogonally without changing orientation, or simply reorients on its space. A teleport forms when two friendly ports share a space, with their right angles in opposite corners. Poles jump from one friendly teleport to another. A pole caught in an enemy teleport returns to a starting space. Win by maneuvering all your poles into your opponent's starting spaces. He will usually be close behind you!—JJMcC  (2/05) [Date refers to first review, shown below.]

Teleporters received this nearly half-page write-up in Games in the February 2005 issue, with a nice color photo:
Designer:   Manuel Garcia
Players: 2. Playing Time: 40 min.

Here's a unique game concept from Kadon, featuring an attractive 8x8 wooden board. Place the four poles of your color on the central four spaces of the row nearest you, and your four ports (each is a pair of walls at right angles) in the spaces indicated. You'll win by getting all your poles into your opponent's starting spaces.

On your turn, move two poles and two ports. Poles can move one or two spaces orthogonally, or they can teleport. A port has two ways of moving: It can either reorient (that is, spin so that its right angle is flush with any corner of the space it occupies), or it can glide across the board like a chess rook. A port forms a teleport by landing on a square with another of its color, with each right angle in opposite corners of the square. A teleport enclosing an enemy pole sends the pole back to one of its home spaces.

A pole teleports between any two of the following:  friendly teleports, home spaces, and goal spaces (except that a pole can only teleport to a goal space from another goal space). Poles can be blocked by port walls or other poles, but they can also move between the board's left and right edges as if the edges were connected. A pole completely blocked by the opponent teleports home.

Beam me over, Scotty—there's a whole new world of strategy to explore here!
      —Robin H. King

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