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See the cool video by Art Blumberg,
"How to play End Point"
....invented by Arthur Blumberg

Best new abstract strategy game,
Games 100 list, 2001 (review)

A gameboard like no other — the grid is a swirl of arches, a network of intersections. Three intriguing games of positional and movement strategy employ a unique element:  a piece flips on every move from slider to jumper and back again. In Endpoint your goal is to exit all 15 of your pieces through the opponent's home row. In End Jam you win if all the opponent's endpoints are filled. In End Rush each player seeks to reach the board's center space. Solitaires included. Cylindrical wood playing pieces have felt on one side to mark their status. Handcrafted, laser-engraved 24" wood board, green felt slipcase. For 2 players, age 10-adult.$95
(plus $5 oversize shipping surcharge)

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Larger image of Colormaze

Deluxe wood
Colormaze/Flying Colors

Handcrafted wood board
with handpainted trim,
in velvet satchel.   $95

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COLORMAZETM ... by Dwayne Mears
Originally a thesis in design by a future urban planner, this good family game is versatile, too: it's playable as two games of strategy, plus two categories of solitaire puzzle. In Colormaze, form a 6-color pattern with tiles on the board to match the secret pattern on your card, while strategy options may let you reposition tiles on the board. In Alphamaze, gain points by getting 5 different colors in a row, or blocking opponents' colors. The black 18" vinyl game mat really makes the bright acrylic tiles stand out.

A fantastic companion for Colormaze...

FLYING COLORSTM ... by Stephen Sniderman
Games 100 list, 2002 (review)
With 12 additional tiles and a bag of black and white stones, the Colormaze set's possibilities expand to over 1000 different and original games! The new 40-page book of variations, especially for games that never have a tie, also adds many intriguing solitaire puzzles using the 36 tiles, 6 each in 6 colors, a rainbow-like visual treat.

The combo set, for 1 to 6 players, ages 8 to adult, $75

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Games 100 list, 2002 (review)

...invented by Christopher Clark, styled by Kate Jones

This game is one of our most popular and handsome sets, from the inventor of Transpose. Get just five of your twelve pawns into your opponent's end zone while eluding capture. Two pawns move on every turn by dice rolls, and capturing is as in chess. Rules for three other games and many moving and jumping puzzles are included. Nice touches are the two wood dice and tailored carrybag. For 1 and 2 players, ages 8 to adult. Made in two attractive styles.

A fifth game, Sidle, added in 2001, has the same goal, different way to play. Four unique stick dice can roll any number from 0 to 14. Move that many steps forward or back, then sideways any open distance to line up the next move. A capturing move earns another turn.

Contemporary style:
Sculptured black-and-white acrylic board, 13x17", red and blue accents to match the wood pawns. $125

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Traditional style:
The wood board is finely handcrafted by Christopher himself in signed and numbered editions, 14x17", with feet, 24 wood horses. $135

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A Games 100 selection, reviewed December 2000


This elegant concept was created in 1959 by an architect, Bill Briggs. We've expanded the original tile patterns from four to the full eight. Every combination of 1, 2, 3 and 4 paths exiting from a square, with enough multiples in a strategic mix, allows the creation of the most intricate designs. All you have to do is match the paths. A strange fact — no matter how you connect the paths, the number of separate groups will always equal the number of closed loops formed. Latest discovery:  up to 19 are possible! See also the embedded pentominoes. The laser-cut, hand-inlaid acrylic tiles are framed so the 14" set can be displayed on its easel as an ever-changing work of art. We offer it in four color combinations. Rules for several games are included. For 1 to 4 players, ages 10 to adult. $195

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... created by Charles Butler and Kent Forrester

A Games 100 selection for 2009 (reviewed in Games Magazine, December 2008). There are 30 patterns for dividing a dodecagon into 12 triangles, where the triangles form single, double and triple "pie slices". Each size of pie is defined by its own color within a tile, with each tile having two of each size, or 6 sections. Same colors are never adjacent within the same tile, and every permutation of the three colors is included. The all-acrylic, hand-inlaid tiles are about 2.75" in diameter, with cool colors of blue, purple, and white. For Dazzle puzzles, all touching edges must match. Arrangements such as the image above create triangular spaces between tiles. When you surround these spaces with three edges of the same color or with 3 different colors, you've formed a "dazzle". Score points for tile placements, with at least one edge matched by color. Earn bonus points for surrounding dazzles with all the same shape pie or three different sizes of pie. The tile design that grows on the table between the players is a work of art in itself. Want special colors? Let us know with your order. Available in frosted mirror colors, too (shown above). Packs in compact box for storage, or inquire about wall-mounting frame. For 1 to 7 players, ages 10 to adult. $135

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Available by special order only:
*Star on deluxe wood board
...invented by Craige Schensted (Ea Ea)

Games Review, March 2005
Games 100 list, December 2005

Evolved from our Game of Y, the 3-in-1 board design allows for shorter games on two interior smaller regions. Players seek to "own" edge spaces by occupying or surrounding them. Go players will dig the subtlety of achieving this goal. Flat marbles in 2 colors (140 of each) flow like luminous rivers across the board during play. Unique scoring system favors connecting one's stones into as few separate groups as possible, so defense is crucial. The central star is a bridge for both players. Rule book includes other games and solitaires. Superb editing by Irene Schensted. The 17" leather-like vinyl game mat rolls up for storage. For 2 players, age 10-adult. $65

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