Game inventor: Michael Waitsman
Michael Waitsman was one of those rare multi-talented creatives who found the right blend. Having studied computer programming in college, he followed his artistic nature to pursue graphic design. But games were always a part of his life. When I met him, he could play three games of chess simultaneously with his two brothers and father, while being blindfolded. I would not have believed it, had I not been audience! And game designs were always his passion.

As a pioneer in desktop publishing, Michael was a beta tester for Next and Adobe. The blend of computers and creativity suited his nature and made it possible for him to better design and promote his ideas. Always, he created games that could be played with a classical physical structure of board and pieces. His innovation shows in the strategy and aesthetic experience of engaging.

Fortunately, Michael lived long enough to achieve many of his goals. Together, he and I grew an internationally award-winning graphic design firm, collaborated on many creative publishing projects, traveled widely, experienced the beginning of the internet, and saw his games become a reality with Kadon. Tragically, he died in 1995, still young, yet made a creative impact. He counted on his games living beyond his years, and it is gratifying to all, knowing this has come to be.


Liane Sebastian
Wife and partner of Michael Waitsman for 18 years

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