Game inventor: Ferenc Palinkas

Ferenc (equivalent of Frank) was born in Budapest, Hungary, in 1961, and has lived there ever since. He says, "In my city it is not really an option to get bored because we have very exciting, edifying and intellectually inspiring times behind us."

He grew up surrounded with the warmth of love radiating from his parents and grandparents. This love, he says, "I've tried to pass on — I hope successfully — to my two children: my daughter Katalin and my son Gábor, albeit my marriage, as it is so often the case nowadays, was not meant to be for life."

Ferenc earned an Information Technology Engineering degree and is still working in this field. He has designed Information Systems, starting out as system designer and later as leader of systems development. Since the mid-nineties he has been the owner and manager of his own IT company.

He has been inventing games and constructing competitions since childhood, a natural talent with no conscious effort on his part. From time to time a picture flashes into his mind, he visualizes a set of components, and then tries to create game rules for them. This is how Pearl Fisher was born.

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