Poly-5:30th Anniversary commemorative edition for
CHAP Homeschooling Convention

Photo by Elijah Allen

For CHAP's 30th Homeschooling convention in Harrisburg, PA, in May 2016, we embedded the number 30 into a special edition of Poly-5 and presented it to board member Steve Wayde (above, accepting the award). We included a display stand, 15x15 game grid and the 52-page instruction book.

Homeschoolers are near and dear to our hearts for their more concentrated learning methods and for including our puzzles in their curriculum. Thanks to Elijah Allen and Maureen Krauth for representing us so ably at the 2016 convention.

You can custom-order this design anytime for 30th anniversary occasions of your own — corporate or employee awards, wedding anniversaries, birthdays, etc. We'll try to meet your color requests. Price: $49. Email your inquiries to Kadon.

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