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Poly-5 received this write-up in Games Jr. in the August/September 1989 issue:
POLY-5 (1 to 4 players)
A domino is a shape made up of two squares connected at their edges. What shape do you get if you put three squares together? Actually, there are two shapes you can get, depending on whether you connect the squares in a straight line or in an L shape. These two shapes are called "trominoes."

If you have four squares, you can make five different shapes, which are called "tetrominoes." And if you have five squares, you can make twelve different shapes, called "pentominoes."

All of these shapes can be used in hundreds of fascinating games and puzzles. Kadon Enterprises' new Poly-5 set of puzzle pieces contains every shape you can make out of one, two, three, four, and five squares.

The Poly-5 set also comes with an acrylic tray, a vinyl grid, and a 52-page booklet, crammed with puzzles to solve. There are squares and crosses, letters of the alphabet, and other shapes to form from the pieces. The booklet also includes six games that use the equipment.

The pieces are laser-cut out of good quality acrylic, so they fit together perfectly and will last practically forever.

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