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Christmas Village in Baltimore is back...
We're in the Baltimore Christmas Village marketplace again this year (daily 11am-7pm, till 8pm Fridays and Saturdays, from Thanksgiving through December 24) in a fine setting by the Inner Harbor, in a somewhat heated tent with plenty of shiny decorations and vendors of international arts, crafts and foods, and musical entertainment. Plenty of exciting things for the kids, too. Please come and visit us there, for hands-on gift shopping and to see our newest puzzles. Our enthusiastic staff will help you find just the right selections for your family and friends, and for yourself, too.

In Memoriam...
We are mourning the passing of Eric Bare (1962-2017), beloved son of Kate Jones. He was 54, stricken with a virulent brain tumor that killed him in 3 months. More....

Farewell to Pyramid Puzzles
The infuriating puzzles we've made for 30 years are ending. No more parts, no more pyramids except for a handful of mutant assemblies, one-of-a-kind collectors' editions. This is the end of an era that started in 1971 with Gordon Bros.' "spherical close packing". Order while they last, own a piece of history. More....

We win The Apollo Award for 2017
A puzzle competition, the 1st Annual Megistian Aenigma Agon, was held on the Greek island of Kastellorizo, September 1-3, 2017, organized by Pantazis Houlis. The Megistian Aenigma Agon is a Triple International Puzzle Competition (Interaction, Inscription/Illusion and Invention). The word Megistian comes from one of the island's names (Megisti), Aenigma means puzzle, and Agon stands for competition. It is a celebration of toys and word-games, presenting to the world Greece's leading role in puzzles. Our winning entry in the aesthetics category was our charming little MiniMatch-I.   More....

New Guest Showcases
Our friends at ThinkFun have produced, among all their excellent educational products, a few that fit perfectly into our combinatorial themes, and we are happy to offer these through our website: Square by Square, Pathwords, Color Cube Sudoku, and Swish Jr. These are in addition to ThinkFun's classics that we have carried for many years now: Shape by Shape, Block by Block, IZZI and IZZI2. Some of these are out of print, so only available from us while our supply lasts. (Kadon's own products never go out of print!)   All these product names are proprietary trademarks of ThinkFun, Inc.

Joint Mathematics Meetings, 2017
This year's JMM, with over 5600 mathematicians attending hundreds of lectures, was held in Atlanta, GA, from January 4-7. We had a tiny exhibit, with Kate, Elijah and Alex on hand. Elijah is our resident mathematician, and it's a delight to hear him explain our gamepuzzles in mathematicians' terms. There was even a mathematical poetry session, where Kate presented her latest Fibonacci verse during the open mic period.

2017 Doris Championships
The 7th Annual Festival of Mind and Doris Championships, organized by Zdravko Zivkovic, took place in many high schools in 7 countries, building creativity and featuring our Doris puzzle. See the Grand Finale ceremonies and winning designs. "The Eye" (right) by Ambra Rossi won first place.


The GAPE awards
Our Gamepuzzles Annual Pentomino Excellence prize for 2015 went to Untouchables 11, designed by Carl Hoff and Peter Grabarchuk, assembling the 11 cube-fold hexominoes within rectangles and without touching, not even at corners. Their award was a symmetrical tower of the 11 pieces plus a pentomino C and P for their initials. A set of bonus challenges to tease the winners, "Scrunchables 11", was developed and added by Kate. More...

Our Gamepuzzles Annual Pentomino Excellence award for 2016 went to "Pent Words", a fabulous invention by Grant Fikes that appeared in Games magazine. A crossword puzzle on pentomino shapes... what a concept! More...

Our Gamepuzzles Annual Pentomino Excellence award for 2017 went to "73 Symmetries", a great research project by Livio Zucca and a team of five international puzzle wizards to find all the non-hole 4-way symmetrical solutions with the 12 pentominoes. More...

Simply beautiful... Flashes of Life
We offer, as a small departure from physical puzzles, a book of breathtaking photography by Robert L. Steinberger, Ph.D., each image paired with a haiku by Kate Jones. Flashes of Life, The Flower Collection comprises over 100 pages of digital photography, poetic interpretations, and stories. It's the first in a series of volumes on different subjects by this great visionary whose legacy will live on in the "flashes of life" he captured during a lifetime of passionate photography. You can preview the whole book at the publisher's website, and you can also order it from us as a lifetime treasure, in the best archival quality and now also in a more moderately priced hardcover edition. More...

World's best music... The Caranza Collection
Caranza is the stage name of Patric Hale, a phenomenal Meistersinger who has achieved both tenor and baritone mastery of 12 genres of music in 7 languages, with moving emotional sensitivity and blow-you-away power of delivery. He has a repertoire of hundreds of recorded songs, available on 22 CDs, ranging from Elvis, Sinatra, Tom Jones and Billy Joel to Broadway tunes, German songs, Italian and German opera, and more. Here are links to four audios to give you a start. Then visit our showcase of the entire collection and order his CDs to enrich every day of your life.


Recent releases:

Deluxe wood Poly-5available again!
Our very popular Poly-5 set is back in a beautiful wooden version crafted by Elijah Allen. Lovingly stained and finished in rich hues, it has an elegant engraved wood tray. A limited edition had its world premiere in our Gamery pavilion at the Maryland Renaissance Festival in 2016. It's too beautiful to be limited. More....


Tricolor Stomachion Monographthe latest word!
A six-month research project with Archimedes' Square (also known as "Stomachion") by Joe Marasco, Kate Jones, and Alex Streif has produced an amazing historical document, new findings after 2200 years of silence about the world's oldest documented puzzle. More....


MiniMatch-Ifour colors dance merrily
This little set surprised us at every turn with the variety, intricacy and pretty patterns to which just 9 tiles can lend themselves and has become the newest member of our edgematching family. More....


MiniTouch-Ifour shapes link up gracefully
This version, designed by Elijah Allen, is a tactile equivalent of MiniMatch-I, where four kinds of contour carved out of the sides of squares form circles, diamonds, hexagons and curvy octagons in the negative spaces. Great for touch-solving by vision-impaired players, too. More....


Ochominoes24 unique octagon dominoes
A brand new way to tile with octagons and squares, form hundreds of delightful patterns. This set epitomizes "the joy of thinking", making breathtakingly beautiful designs. It was created as a unique new polyform set, "polyocts", by Dan Klarskov of Denmark. Each piece looks like a little cartoon character. What would you name them? Can you find the cat, the mouse, the teddy bear? The turtle, owl and penguin? More....

Special edition... Octiamond Stack
We're offering a special and very limited edition of the 66 octiamonds, styled as 6 separate "petals" that stack, each in a little tray. Only while they last. And only for the hardiest puzzle lovers and collectors—this one's a doozy, even with millions of possibilities. More...


Silver Anniversaries!

We're celebrating these games on the 25th anniversary of our first publishing them. They have been continuously in print, 1992-2017. After 12 years of introducing 6 or more new products a year, in 1992 we settled for two new ones. In fact, in all of Kadon's 37 years, only twice did we release just two sets. See more of their stories in our historical notes, Diamonds forever.

  • Hexmozaix, Jr.TM —24 hexagons with 4 luminous colors match cleverly.
  • RombixTM —16 tiles elegantly define rhombic circle tilings.

New solutions:

Marvelous wrap-arounds for MiniMatch-I
See colormatched solutions with wrap-around edges and one or even two enclosed colors. The solution at right wraps both left to right and top to bottom and has full symmetry of the colors as well.     More...


Enclosed colors for Ten-Yen
See color groups of Ten-Yen completely enclosed by the other two colors, with shortest perimeter.     More...


Connected colors for Rhombiominoes
See George Sicherman's gorgeous color groupings newly discovered for Rhombiominoes     More...


Newest designs for Rombix Jr.
See our latest collection of cool new patterns created by young visitors to our booth and by our own booth hostess, Meshele.There's no end to the pretty variations you can create with this versatile puzzle.     More...


The amazing designs for Trio-in-a-Tray
Who would have thought that our venerable mini-puzzles, the Tiny Tans, would emerge for their 25th anniversary as a Trio with such amazing variety and beauty. It surprises us with every new pattern we find. That's playable art!     More...


The dazzling variety of Chasing Squares
With the simplicity of just two shapes in two colors comes a deluge of eye-pleasing symmetries, easy to construct yet always new and surprising. Here is a whole gallery of designs found by some of the visitors to our booth, and by our crew who can't resist toying with this one for new apparitions. More....


Our hot stuff online:

Great app! Blockout for Windows Phone
Paul Thomann in Switzerland has written a great new program to play classic Blockout on the new Windows Phone, versions 7.5 and up. Get your copy from the Windows store, Blockout for Windows Phone, under license from Kadon.

Gamepuzzles on Facebook!
Kadon has its own Facebook page for wider contact with our friends and fans. It's warm and fuzzy to see how many "likes" are coming our way. Have you "liked" us yet? Please do. And we're able to share things there that don't have a place in our formal website. Check in now and then to see what other folks say. Our thanks to Elijah Allen for launching the page and helping to administer it.

So come and talk to us there! The permanent link is on the homepage (look for the blue button). Any questions about our puzzles, praise and kudos are happily received. Join the conversation and look for special features from time to time. There will be no selling, only telling, in our Facebook lounge. For ordering please come to this main gamepuzzles site, where you'll find everything we make and an easy-to-use, secure shopping cart.

Play The Game of Y free online
Thanks to Anand Babu Periasamy and his skillful programming, there is now a creative commons facility for playing this fine connection game online at the Hyperbotics site. Let us know how you like it! Then come back and order the beautiful deluxe wood set for hands-on enjoyment.

We have an applet to play Proteus!
A Proteus fan, Paul Nord, put his genius to work creating an app for your mobile devices so you can play our Proteus meta-game against a fairly smart computer. Get it now at the Apple store for under a dollar:   Michael Waitsman's Proteus — then enjoy this superb strategy game even when you don't have a worthy human opponent available. Paul's program looks beautiful and works great.

Pentacube Videos on YouTube!
Our friend and fellow polyomino lover, Donald Kern, has created four delightful, and impressive, videos showing the "complete" set (35 one-sided pieces) of pentacubes forming amazing and difficult solutions by Don. You'll want to see these more than once:

Regular 5x5x7 Block
Two-Sided Staircase
Jagged-Edge Block
Chichen Itza Pyramid


Other news:

A highly condensed printable catalog has been updated and is available online as three .pdf files. It has 24 standard pages plus an order form, in full color, although it works just fine printed in gray. Feel free to download as much of it as you want, and you're welcome to print it out for Web-deprived friends, too. This catalog can also be viewed online with flippable pages:

  Our flip catalog!
Now you can view our condensed 24-page print catalog with flippable pages or even as a slide show. The Flash program lets you zoom in, turn pages, and print out any page you like. Get an instant overview. Just click on the little cover page thumbnail at right. To print out selected pages or your own full copy, go to our print catalog file (.pdf). For special categories and cross-references, see the Search Us index.

Archives expanded
If you've missed previous announcements or mailings, you can still track back to see what's been happening with us by browsing through our archives, especially the annual newsletters that sum up our year's doings. Here's the Archives index.


Old but still good news:

Check out unsolved tough challenges on the Contests page. Open to the world, with prizes to be won. Happy puzzling!

We own four very cool domain aliases. Each is just a title page ("splash page") and links to the respective major sections of the official gamepuzzles website. Take a look; they're jazzy.

Our Hexdominoes set is also a registered trademark and has its own independent website and domain name, with additional materials not found in our main website, such as the entire rule book and actual-size grids to print out for use with special figures. We plan to offer new challenges there eventually and maybe even some play-online features. A little logo for it is on the bottom of the homepage. And check out the awesome new designs we've found for this amazing set.

If you would like to receive copies of our very rarely issued bulletins or newsletters, please send us your email address and we'll add you to our confidential mailing list. We never give out our list; your privacy is safe with us. You can also subscribe and advise us of any address changes through the Contact Us page.

Here's a recap of all the gamepuzzles added to our website recently and in the past year, in case you missed their first announcement.   Tangramion .... Octiamond Stack .... StarHex-II .... Chasing Squares .... L-Sixteen .... RunnuRound .... Trio in a Tray .... MiniMatch-I .... MiniTouch-I .... Ochominoes .... Tricolor Stomachion Monograph ....

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