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World premiere! Our newest puzzle, Birds and Bees...
Created by our dear, long-time friend, math professor Andy Liu, this sweetheart of a puzzle with 28 tiles is made of combinations of hexagons, squares, and equilateral triangles. The birds and bees (and a couple of worms) appear in opposite, mirror image pairs, with 14 other symmetrical shapes. They nestle on a special, famous periodic grid. Build countless designs in and out of the triangular tray. The solution shown happens to have all the matched bird pairs on opposite sides as well. Three grid cards and a nice little workbook are included. It even plays two unusual games for two players. The three colors divide into groups of 9, 9, and 10 pieces.   More....

Bridges Conference 2021 in Finland, virtually...
This annual international gathering celebrates the connection between mathematics and music, art, poetry, education, and culture. On August 2-3, 2021, it was held online via and Zoom, with 300 attendees and dozens of presentations on every aspect of mathematics as it appears in other fields. Kate was one of about 30 poets with recorded talks and a live half-hour of recited "Fib" poems. A Fib in this instance has 6 lines, each line with the number of syllables that represent a Fibonacci sequence: 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, and 8. (Each number is the sum of the two previous numbers—something that mathematicians find amusing.) Here's an example of Kate's Fib description of our DekaMosaik puzzle:

Golden ratio tiles
In splendid, star-lit symmetry.
As part of the program, visitors could view the scheduled poets' recorded talks at their own pace, including the YouTube video of our tribute to Rubik's Cube's 40th anniversary, written in verse, and a sonnet (14 lines) celebrating the introduction of our new 14-piece puzzle, StarHex-I.

Symmetry Festival 2021 in Bulgaria...
Symmetry has become an entire mathematical science studied in many applications, from DNA to music, poetry and physics, art and geometry. This year's festival was virtual, hosted on Zoom, and Kate was invited to show some of Kadon's beautiful puzzle symmetries. You can see here the slideshow Kate presented, with descriptive verses.

Looney Labs stars win awards...
Our favorite "hippie" game company, Looney Labs, Inc., is celebrating their 25th anniversary of creating and making unique and distinctive games, starting with their pyramid variations and expanding into their famous Fluxx and other card games. We designed them a special award both for their quarter century of perseverance and for their brilliant innovations as an independent game company. Congratulations, Andy and Kristin Looney, former NASA engineers who found greater meaning in their lives as games creators, and to their team of devoted helpers. You've made the world better, and more fun.   More....

"Fences"...elegant partners for La Ora Stelo...
La Ora Stelo's inventor, Jacques Ferroul, has designed an exciting collection of special shapes with golden ratio properties that form borders around any combination of La Ora Stelo's tiles. These nine fence shapes, a total of 142 black pieces, come in three groups or kits, each kit for certain combinations such as convex and concave figures and even beautiful stars. Build a border, then fill it. Or form a shape and then construct a border around it. There is an amazing partnership between the golden ratio tiles of La Ora Stelo and the fence segments whose dimensions are carefully calculated for the golden ratio and proportions of La Ora Stelo. If you already own La Ora Stelo, add the fences next. You'll be glad you did.   More...

Once-in-a-lifetime offerings... limited editions
Collectors' items, archive treasures, one-of-a-kind designs—while they last. We're selling out our special collections and archival sets of rare, vintage, and limited editions of puzzles and tilings. Once sold out, there will be no more. Many are already sold out. We have very few archival sets remaining, their quantities shown on the special order page.

Occasional flyers and special offers to keep in touch...
With no shows for us to display our immensely playable gamepuzzles, we're sending well-illustrated email flyers now and then, spotlighting special features and themes you may not have seen before. Here's a chronology of what we emailed starting in 2020, and we'll add new releases as they happen. If any catch your fancy, order safely and conveniently online and get FREE SHIPPING within the U.S. while we're without shows. We do hope to see you sometime in this new year.

Gamepuzzles social media postings...
In addition to those occasional flyer mailings, we like to keep in touch also with folks in the math and puzzle world with condensed postings on Facebook and such platforms. If you've missed them, here's a running chronology. Links let you get the full story in our product showrooms, easy to order what you want.

Kadon Gamepuzzles® Universe... a new fan site!
To our great surprise and delight, one of our puzzle-loving customers and fans, Andrzej Lewicki, has created a Facebook page devoted entirely to discussions and solutions of our puzzles. His little icon, a famous sleuth, shows up now and then to add stories and smarts to the solving. Open to the world and featuring any of our games and puzzles, this enthusiastic Facebook group brings out the best of art, math, and imagination, and sparkles with "the joy of thinking". It's free to join, and you can share pictures of your own solutions, and even play games with your best strategic moves. Visit, become a member, and share in the fun.

Art shows starting up again, see our calendar
Our happy expectations for a fruitful year of art shows in 2020 were dashed, casualties of the worldwide coronavirus calamity as all our shows were cancelled. Check our calendar for where you can see us in 2021. In the meanwhile, browse through our website (our virtual booth!) for new and old favorites. Give your brain and artistry a thrill. You can order them safely and conveniently online, and get free shipping within the U.S. throughout 2021. More....

Our YouTube page is growing...
In 2016, Kate's son, Eric, launched a channel on YouTube with a video of how to solve that most vexatious puzzle, Instant Insanity. We've added two quaint poetic videos made in 2020, featuring a variety of our products, with more on their way, thanks to the professional skills of our associate, Hans Weidig IV. We've also added cool videos explaining how to play some of our games, written, filmed, and narrated by game designer Art Blumberg. Stay tuned and check our growing list of programs to view.

Maryland Renaissance Festival is on, until October 24...
After 42 years, it was strange to have the Revel Grove village silent and empty, its 2020 season closed by the pandemic. And yet, with today's technology, the 16th century could be brought forward, and there are now online presentations year-rounnd, too, for fans to visit all their favorite artisans virtually. The MDRF Marketplace is staying open year round, around the clock, where you can interact Facebook-style with all of us and find where to make purchases. A special Lane Album was added to let you find individual artists by the location of their booth; see the big maps to find each booth. Here's a chronology of all postings of Ye Olde Gamery. Great news! The Festival is back for real for the 2021 season! We couldn't be more thrilled. See you there! More...

Good news! FREE SHIPPING for all of 2021!
For the first time in 40 years, we offer free shipping on mail, phone, and online orders for destinations within the U.S. With no shows, and no show expenses, we'll ship your orders free for the rest of the year. You will not be charged a shipping fee even if our automated shopping cart indicates an amount. We promise! We will deduct manually any shipping fees shown on your order form. Order our great entertainments now and enliven your time at home... gamepuzzles for the joy of thinking for the whole family.

We win How To Homeschool seal of approval...
This fine homeschooling organization has awarded Kadon its seal of approval as one of the top 60 resources for homeschooling families! See their website for a nice little write-up about our games (you'll need to scroll down to see our listing).

Hexdominoes on YouTube!
At last, our amazing Hexdominoes has been animated with a kaleidoscopic progression of designs transforming, done by our artist friend from Slovenia, Teja Krasek. The lively musical background is a composition by another friend, piano virtuoso Sergei Novikov. You'll want to see it more than once. More....

Video of one Super Quintillions solution now online!
Watch a piece-by-piece assembly of how the 18 superquints build into a tower that will then slide into its box, starring Krystal Goodrich's talented hands. Filming by Elijah Allen.

Our Tricolor Stomachion is in a YouTube video!
Joe Marasco has created a fascinating video documentary about our Archimedes' Square puzzle, also known as the Stomachion. You can watch the amazing story of the origins and development of this 2200-year-old treasure and its many solutions as Joe explains its inner secrets. See the Tricolor Stomachion.

Simply beautiful... Flashes of Life
We offer, as a small departure from physical puzzles, a book of breathtaking photography by Robert L. Steinberger, Ph.D., each image paired with a haiku by Kate Jones. Flashes of Life, The Flower Collection comprises over 100 pages of digital photography, poetic interpretations, and stories. It's the first in a series of volumes on different subjects by this great visionary whose legacy will live on in the "flashes of life" he captured during a lifetime of passionate photography. You can preview the whole book at the publisher's website, and you can also order it from us as a lifetime treasure, in the best archival quality and now also in a more moderately priced hardcover edition. More...

World's best music... The Caranza Collection
Caranza is the stage name of Patric Hale, a phenomenal Meistersinger who has achieved both tenor and baritone mastery of 12 genres of music in 7 languages, with moving emotional sensitivity and blow-you-away power of delivery. He has a repertoire of hundreds of recorded songs, available on 22 CDs, ranging from Elvis, Sinatra, Tom Jones and Billy Joel to Broadway tunes, German songs, Italian and German opera, and more. Here are links to four audios to give you a start. Then visit our showcase of the entire collection and order his CDs to enrich every day of your life.


Recent releases:

Twenty-TansTMThe latest brilliant missing link
Created by Hans Weidig IV, this latest evolution of the tangrams concept is lightyears ahead of the traditional set. Its 20 tiles cover 16 squares and form hundreds of figures with mathematical purity. Four vivid colors add visual splendor. And there's something interesting for all ages, from introductory to the most sophisticated. It had its official world premiere during the 2019 Maryland Renaissance Festival. It soon begat a little offshoot, Handy-Tans, our newest pocket puzzle.   More....

Hex-PaveTMAn enchanting family of hexagon permutations
Created by Carl Hoff, these 15 tiles represent all the combinations of hexagons with sides of 1, 2, and 3 units in length, yet all their angles are equal. Although each tile is differently proportioned, they have amazing ways of forming groupings and patterns. Like any family, the uniqueness of each individual makes for surprising and delightful adventures, from lacy lattices to tightly bonded beehives.   More....

Shardinaires-9TMOur newest dissection puzzle
Created by George Sicherman and expanded by Kate Jones, the 9 strangely shaped tiles can form all 12 pentominoes and all 5 tetrominoes, besides a wealth of convex, concave, symmetrical, and whimsical silhouette figures. Two games explore unusual strategies of border formation.   More....

StarHex-ITMOur newest polyform puzzle
Created by Theo Geerinck of the Netherlands, this little brother to our beautiful StarHex-II has 14 tiles, with every combination of from 0 to 6 triangles attached on the edges of a hexagon. Developed by Kate Jones and Elijah Allen, the five colors code the pieces by type. For its world premiere, we submitted StarHex-I to the 2019 Annual Megistian Aenigma Agon puzzle competition on the Greek island of Kastellorizo, held in August 2019, and it placed first in the logical puzzle category, winning the Archimedes award. Its collection of complex shapes and themes will keep you fascinated for years, and you can even extend its challenges by combining it with the StarHex-II set.   More....

Ternion FactorTMOur newest strategy game!
Art Blumberg's fifth beautiful and innovative strategy board game had its world premiere at the 2018 Maryland Renaissance Festival. Ternion means threes, and each turn is a triple-action adventure. Unlike any game you've ever seen, it lets you add, remove, move pieces as you choose your best combinations. If you're in Maryland, come see our booth at the Baltimore Christmas Village and have Art show and teach you this super game in person.   More....

The Four Horses of the Epic EllipseTMa wild ride!
The ellipses referred to are the four identical parts of our Surprising Pyramid. Our resident mathematician, Elijah Allen, was toying with them one day to see what two-dimensional figures they could make, besides building a four-level pyramid. In short order Elijah and Kate had accumulated over 50 designs, and new ideas kept popping. Kate remarked that the shape of that piece was called the horse. Elijah then had the brainstorm to turn the bulky balls into flat hexagons, making them a pentahex... one of the tiles in our Hexnut set. Good idea, so here are the four horses as our newest Pocket Puzzle. Great stocking stuffer and to take along anytime for doodling and creative fun. So few pieces, such a long name, and a really tiny price.   More....

Cookie JarTMdelicious conundrums
We present a combinatorial set by Michael Dowle... a tasty dish of 13 unique tiles, each with a different combination of 1 through 6 rounded triangles attached to the sides of a concavely curved hexagon. Their symmetry patterns are a visual delight and a solving challenge. Over 100 puzzle challenges plus two games. A neat platter of ever-intriguing food for thought, perfect for your coffee table.   More....


Tricolor Stomachion Monographthe latest word!
A six-month research project with Archimedes' Square (also known as "Stomachion") by Joe Marasco, Kate Jones, and Alex Streif has produced an amazing historical document, new findings after 2200 years of silence about the world's oldest documented puzzle.   More....


Silver Anniversaries!

We're celebrating these games on the 25th anniversary of our first publishing them. They have been continuously in print, 1996-2021. By 1995 we had introduced a great variety of styles and themes of both games and puzzles. In 1996 we moved closer to the genre dearest to Kate's heart: Gorgeous geometrics. Click on their pictures for full descriptions and to order. See their stories in our historical notes, Gorgeous geometrics.

  • Brace/Nine Men's MorrisTM — was invented by Alan Kross-Vinson and fit our design ideals superbly, with its artistic grid, multiple games, non-violent themes, and potential even for puzzles. In its first form we styled it as a screen-printed canvas tapestry, with the classic Nine Men's Morris board on the back. Later we also crafted its deluxe wood version. In 1998, Brace won a place on Games Magazine's list of the 100 best games.

  • Diamond RainbowTM — created by Anneke Treep of The Netherlands, the 24 diamond-shaped tiles plus 6 single triangles have every combination of the 6 main rainbow colors and has been one of our most popular sets for 25 years. It makes endlessly many wonderful shapes and patterns, beloved by all ages.

  • Fill-AgreeTM — 25 tiles of sizes 2 through 4 squares (the smaller members of the polyominoes family), each with two holes in all different positions, plus six single squares, create many interesting patterns in 2D and 3D, easy and difficult. Transparent colors give a sense of stained glass, a puzzle plus decorative art.

  • Fractured FivesTM — Five squares imprinted on one side with partial pentomino shapes on each edge, and tangled ropes on the reverse. Match either side to join the squares into pentomino shapes with complete pentomino images or connected ropes on matched sides. One of our most venerable sets, created in 1986 on cardboard and made in limited quantities in 1996 for collectors, still as a paper set. A deluxe wood version came along in 2011; we'll celebrate that one in 2036. Yes, it can also be a game for two players.

  • Hexnut IITM — Daring to go big, this bigger brother showed up 9 years after our original Hexnut (1987). Its 82 different pieces, each consisting of 6 hexagons, including one with a hole in the middle, are sized to its kin and form a splendid hexagon in their own grand tray. After a quarter century of our making it, there are now many fearless solvers around the globe who have conquered it. Congratulations to them all.

  • Mini-Iamond RingTM — Nine pieces, the polyiamonds sizes 2, 3, 4, and 5, fit into their circle in 15,140 ways—yet only two of those solutions can separate all the colors! Form a huge number of other shapes outside the tray, from easy to exceedingly tricky. Try it, you'll love it.

  • Mensa logo puzzle — Mensa, the famous high-IQ society, has an interesting logo of a stylized M that represents a table, since mensa is Latin for table. Mensa also relates to thinking, so Mensans enjoy sitting around a table and conversing intelligently. Kate found that the logo was perfectly dissectable into 16 puzzle pieces we call polyiamonds, parts of our Iamond Ring set. There are over 14,000 solutions, all fairly difficult. Sorry, only Mensa members are eligible to purchase them. If you are a Mensan, email us.

  • PentaroseTM — One of our most gorgeous art puzzles with a great pedigree: based on research by Sir Roger Penrose (recipient of Nobel Prize 2020 for work on black holes) into non-periodic tilings. The 36 fractal-edged pentagons and parts of stars were prototiles in Penrose's investigation, and With our input they became parts of a decagon with intriguingly many solutions. Fascinating to play with, even after 25 years.

  • TransposeTM — invented by Christopher Clark, we styled this elegantly inlaid acrylic board with matching inlaid checkers as a contemporary companion to the original traditional wood set we introduced the year before. It plays 8 different games and a collection of solitaire puzzles. It won first place on Games Magazine's list of the 100 best games of 1996.

New solutions:

New discoveries for OchominoesTM
This puzzle continues to be irresistible even though it's a really tough nut, inspiring new investigations of its amazing properties. Here are some new symmetries formed by "clans"—all the tiles of a certain color. Each color identifies how many squares a tile has attached to its octagon-domino core. More...


A gallery of fantastic Hexnut IITM designs
Nick Maeder, a New Zealand puzzle wizard, has a passion for making incredible symmetry patterns with large puzzle sets. We've been collecting his magnificent solutions and are herewith sharing them with the world in our online gallery. Delight your senses by walking through his many designs and relishing the names he has invented for them. Shown at right: "Cutwork", a dainty lace-bordered triangle around a triangular opening.   More...


Marvelous wrap-arounds for MiniMatch-ITM

See colormatched solutions with wrap-around edges and one or even two enclosed colors. The solution at right wraps both left to right and top to bottom and has full symmetry of the colors as well.     More...


Dominoes and symmetries for Hexdominoes®
One of our bestsellers, Hexdominoes lets us make ever surprising new discoveries. What a delight that a basket of parallel "egg" patches was possible. This one was found by a visitor to Ye Olde Gamery, at the Maryland Renaissance Festival.     More...


The amazing designs for Trio-in-a-TrayTM
Who would have thought that our venerable mini-puzzles, the Tiny Tans, would emerge as a Trio with such amazing variety and beauty. It surprises us with every new pattern we find. That's playable art!     More...


The dazzling variety of Chasing SquaresTM
With the simplicity of just two shapes in two colors comes a deluge of eye-pleasing symmetries, easy to construct yet always new and surprising. Here is a whole gallery of designs found by some of the visitors to our booth, and by our crew who can't resist toying with this one for new apparitions. More....


Pentominoes and symmetries for Dezign-8TM
Here's a whole group of attractive solutions embedding pentominoes into Dezign-8 patterns, created by Alex Streif. Take a look in our gallery of variations.     More....


Our hot stuff online:

We have an InstaGram page!
Thanks to our dear friend, Violet LeVoit, there is a colorful and growing display of Kadon gamepuzzles and scenes on Instagram.

We have a YouTube channel!
Our fledgling YouTube presence has a growing number of videos you can watch, and we'll be adding more to demonstrate interesting aspects of our gamepuzzles. See our 6-minute tribute to Rubik's Cube's 40th anniversary and an overview of several of our bestsellers as part of a 5-minute salute to the Gathering4Gardner Foundation. Kate Jones does the narration in rhyming couplets, filmed and edited by Hans Weidig IV. We've also added excellent videos demonstrating our strategy games—Power of Two, End Point, and Ternion Factor—written, filmed, and narrated by Art Blumberg, who is also the inventor of these games. Take a look!

A Periodic Table of Polyform Puzzles is now on YouTube!
On March 21, 2021, Kate gave an illustrated presentation on this topic online as part of the Gathering4Gardner Celebration of Mind. It was an amazing coincidence that the talk, which is in rhyme, was given on national poetry day. The video is about 24 minutes long, followed by a half-hour interview with the host, Tiago Hirth, digging into Kate's history of starting a puzzle business and developing it into a "playable art" form of math as art. A lovely musical background by Sergei Novikov accompanies the presentation. Easy to view on G4G's YouTube channel, no need to download a large file. Let us know how you like it!

Our Tricolor Stomachion now on YouTube!
Joe Marasco has created a fascinating video documentary about our Archimedes' Square puzzle, also known as the Stomachion. You can watch the amazing story of the origins and development of this 2200-year-old treasure and its many solutions as Joe explains its inner secrets. See the Tricolor Stomachion.

Gamepuzzles on Facebook!
Kadon has its own Facebook page for wider contact with our friends and fans. It's warm and fuzzy to see how many "likes" are coming our way. Have you "liked" us yet? Please do. And we're able to share things there that don't have a place in our formal website. Check in now and then to see what other folks say. Our thanks to Elijah Allen for launching the page and helping to administer it.

So come and talk to us there! The permanent link is on the homepage (look for the blue button). Any questions about our puzzles, praise and kudos are happily received. Join the conversation and look for special features from time to time. There will be no selling, only telling, in our Facebook lounge. For ordering please come to this main gamepuzzles site, where you'll find everything we make and an easy-to-use, secure shopping cart.

Pentacube Videos on YouTube!
Our friend and fellow polyomino lover, Donald Kern, has created four delightful, and impressive, videos showing the "complete" set (35 one-sided pieces) of pentacubes forming amazing and difficult solutions by Don. You'll want to see these more than once:

Regular 5x5x7 Block
Two-Sided Staircase
Jagged-Edge Block
Chichen Itza Pyramid


Other news:

Kate has written a unique time travel tale that you can read online here: "When are you?", providing a fictional background to some of our historical games. All the people are real; only the circumstances of their appearance are imaginary and coincidental!

A highly condensed printable catalog has been updated and is available online as three .pdf files. It has 24 standard pages plus an order form, in full color, although it works just fine printed in gray. Feel free to download as much of it as you want, and you're welcome to print it out for Web-deprived friends, too. This catalog can also be viewed online with flippable pages:

  Our flip catalog!
Now you can view our condensed 24-page print catalog with flippable pages or even as a slide show. The Flash program lets you zoom in, turn pages, and even click on any picture for a shortcut to its website display. Get an instant overview. Just click on the little cover page thumbnail at right. Works best with Chrome, Safari, Edge, or Firefox. To print out selected pages or your own full copy, go to our print catalog file (.pdf). For special categories and cross-references, see the Search Us index.

Archives expanded
If you've missed previous announcements or mailings, you can still track back to see what's been happening with us by browsing through our archives, especially the annual newsletters that sum up our year's doings. Here's the Archives index.


Old but still good news:

Check out unsolved tough challenges on the Contests page. Open to the world, with prizes to be won. Happy puzzling!

We own four very cool domain aliases. Each is just a title page ("splash page") and links to the respective major sections of the official gamepuzzles website. Take a look; they're jazzy.

Our Hexdominoes set is also a registered trademark and has its own independent website and domain name, with additional materials not found in our main website, such as the entire rule book and actual-size grids to print out for use with special figures. We plan to offer new challenges there eventually and maybe even some play-online features. A little logo for it is on the bottom of the homepage. And check out the awesome new designs we've found for this amazing set.

If you would like to receive copies of our very rarely issued bulletins or newsletters, please send us your email address and we'll add you to our confidential mailing list. We never give out our list; your privacy is safe with us. You can also subscribe and advise us of any address changes through the Contact Us page.

Here's a recap of all the gamepuzzles added to our website recently and in the past year, in case you missed their first announcement.   Octiamond Stack .... RunnuRound .... MiniTouch-I .... Ochominoes .... Tricolor Stomachion Monograph .... The Four Horses of the Epic Ellipse .... Cookie Jar .... Ternion Factor .... StarHex-I .... Shardinaires-9 .... Hex-Pave .... Twenty-Tans .... Handy-Tans ....

Blooper Bounty — This is a standing offer:  we'll send a small prize to the first person who advises us of a mistake in this website, whether a typo, broken link or other goof. Each blooper gets a separate prize. Email us and provide your ground address, so we can mail you your prize. And thanks!

Our hot-link icons are listed, along with some surprises and hidden prizes, for those of you who care to read directions for getting around this place. For the others, there's always logic, intuition and serendipity.

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