MiniMatch-I:  variations and other figures

Here are some additional color themes to solve by matching the 9 MiniMatch-I tiles. A few have amazing symmetries (reflection), as well as wrap-around edges (opposite borders match) and enclosed colors. You are welcome to print out this page to add to your MiniMatch-I booklet.
Sample solutions with no enclosed color, no matching opposite borders:

Sample solutions with one enclosed color, no matching opposite borders:

Moebius solutions, where opposite sides match but with a half twist. The solution on the right is a double Moebius, which makes it into a "projective plane" if it were wrapped across both ways.

Sample solutions with double wrap-around edges and two enclosed colors. The last two solutions also have a perfect symmetry of all colors:

Shapes made of 9 squares evenly joined on their edges are also known as enneominoes. The ones we show here are just a few of the dizzying total of 1285 different shapes. All of those can also serve as a MiniMatch-I color-matching challenge, if you'd like to tackle them. The hardest ones are, of course, the "chunky" shapes that have the most contact edges.

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