Our print catalog, 2022

A virtual copy of our 24-page print catalog is available online for you to download and print out for free. It's fully illustrated, in color, with only the briefest of summaries, a handy checklist in easily portable form. We no longer print and mail paper catalogs except by individual request. Full descriptions of our products are in our website.

Printable .PDF files
The 24 pages occupy a .pdf file that will print on standard letter-size paper. Click on the thumbnail cover below to open them. You can view them with Adobe Reader before printing them out. If what you see is too large, adjust the percentage view to 100% or to "Fit in Window." You can scroll through the pages and print out just the ones you need, or print the whole issue.

  • Pages 1-8
    — Newest Releases
    — Polyominoes and Polycubes
    — The Pentagon Universe
    — Edgematching Colors & Shapes
  • Pages 9-16
    — Puzzles, Just Puzzles
    — Historical Games
    — KaleidoMatrix Gameboards
    — Beautiful Abstract Strategy Games
  • Pages 17-24
    — Essential Polyforms
    — Tactile Graphics
    — Tilings and Designs
    — Books and Publications
    — Order Form

If you have difficulty downloading and printing this file, send us your snailmail address and a payment for $4.00, and we'll be glad to mail you a printout. The $4.00 will be refunded with your next order. We don't recommend sending cash through the mail. We accept PayPal, payable to kadon@gamepuzzles.com. Or phone 410-437-2163 with credit card or mail your request and a check payable to Kadon (in U.S. dollars drawn on a U.S. bank, please) to:

Kadon Enterprises, Inc.
1227 Lorene Dr., Suite 16
Pasadena, MD 21122


Flip Catalog!
You can view the entire catalog as a slide show or turn the pages one by one to flip through the whole document, zooming in wherever you like. Clicking on any image will open its full display in our website. To view the flip catalog, just click on this thumbnail image of the cover page. Please use one of these browsers: Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Safari.



Shakespearean Catalog!
For the Renaissance Festival we produced a special edition of a catalog written in iambic pentameter. You can view the entire 40 pages as a .pdf file (4 MB), with a 6-page addendum of our newest products. Just click on this thumbnail image of the cover page.

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