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Grand Snowflake!
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...a dance of hearts and spaces

Many people, when they first see this puzzle, are reminded of M.C. Escher's work. It's easy to see why. The tiles are all the combinations of straight, convex and concave edges, transformed step by step from a regular square. The 36 tiles comprise the 24 permutations of hearts and spaces, plus 12 duplicates, divided into three colors. We use see-through colors mingled with black to give the all-acrylic set a stained-glass look. It looks really nice displayed on an easel. The tray is 8˝". Hundreds of symmetrical figures can be solved, and rules for 7 competitive games are also included, for 2 to 6 players, ages 12 to adult. $59

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This one was an instant hit with audiences of all ages, from the first moment that we showed it (Oct. 1997). Strange how solvers keep misplacing the corner pieces. The free-form patterns, worked outside the tray, can be even more confounding. Rules for a simple game for two players are also included. The 16 acrylic tiles are a special subset of the larger square, above, in their own 5.75" tray. Snowflake is available in four color choices. The three-color mix offers assorted challenges, well suited for ages 6 to adult. $29

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  • A stained-glass art piece
  • Interesting solutions
  • Congruent color groups
    ... designed by Kate Jones

    The 24 wavy tiles are a complete set of all the combinations of four types of edge: straight, hills, valleys, waves. We intended it as a gentle tribute to M.C. Escher's genius in geometric transformations. Then we found that, mathematically, they are also cousins of Multimatch III triangles. The checkerboarding of solutions isn't required, but it's nice to know that most of the figures in the book can be solved that way. (Thank you, Anneke Treep, for working those out on our office rug.) And thanks to Toby Gottfried for proving by computer that this puzzle has 2.3 million solutions! Jacques Haubrich found that only 297 of those are checkerboarded. Toby then found that only 7 of those have the three same-sided tiles at the corners of the large interior triangle (see solution at left). He also found that there are 173 solutions with both colors grouped. All-acrylic, in bold and mellow colors, with 8˝" tray. Recommended for ages 12 to adult. $59

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    In Europe, you can order Trifolia
    from Nestorgames, made in Spain.

    Guest appearance!
    ...by Frank Nichols, made by ThinkFun, Inc.

    An offshoot of MacMahon's squares, the 64 different 2" tiles of IZZI are almost a complete set of all the combinations of a square cut into 8 black and white triangles. The full set would be 70 tiles, so the 6 most regular tiles are omitted to get down to 64. Just match them exactly, black to black and white to white, on the sturdy die-cut cardboard squares. There are zillions of solutions, and you can see some gorgeous ones on Jaap's Puzzle Page. It's fun and a never-ending challenge for ages 8 to adult.

    Our supply is sold out, but you can get it directly from ThinkFun and from Amazon.

    IZZI is a trademark of ThinkFun, Inc.


    Guest appearance!
    ...by Frank Nichols, made by ThinkFun, Inc.

    The 12 large, all-different four-color diamonds form dozens of shapes. Just match them by color. Well-made die-cut cardboard pieces are pleasant to handle. This set is related to MacMahon squares (Multimatch I), in that each edge has its own color. But the squares have been stretched into diamonds (rhombs), and each tile has all four colors. We like the fact that this set is made up of all of its possible combinations. It's fun and a challenge for ages 8 to adult. $25

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    IZZI-2 is a trademark of ThinkFun, Inc.

    Guest appearance!
    ...designed by Raphael Meyers,
    made by ThinkFun, Inc.

    In 2003, Kadon presented a marvelous puzzle set designed by Zdravko Zivkovic, titled Cube Brick, which made the Games 100 list that year. Its 20 cubes included 6 colors, divided into 2x2 squares on each cube face. They could be assembled into many 2D figures with colors matching, and 3D shapes not matching. Regrettably, our initial production sold out, and we have not yet been able to make more. Fortunately for the puzzling world, ThinkFun has come out with a mini-set of 9 cubes, with their own challenges to solve. The main goal is to get 6 different colors in every row, horizontally and vertically, on the 3x3 assembly, like Sudoku with colors, by flipping the cubes to get the right colors lined up. For ages 8 to adult. $20

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    Color Cube Sudoku is a trademark of ThinkFun, Inc.

    ...invented by Zdravko Zivkovic, developed with Kate Jones

    On Games 100 list for 2003. Twenty unique color-patterned cubes:  drawing on 6 colors, each cube has a unique combination of 3 colors on its faces (sample at right). Each cube face has a different arrangement of its three colors, as two squares and a rectangle. So there are 120 all-different faces. You get a wealth of figures to solve by matching the cube edges. Games for beginners and experts are included. We have the beautiful first edition, handcrafted in Yugoslavia and numbered and signed by the inventor, in an elegant wood case with handfinishing by Kadon. About 1˝" cubes. For 1 to 4 players, ages 6 to adult.$65

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    Color Up is a trademark of AVAX Corp.

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