years of Kadon Enterprises, Inc., and gamepuzzles for the joy of thinking:   1980-2005

Surviving a quarter century as a small business was no mean feat. We took the whole year 2005 to celebrate, even spilling over into 2006. And thanks to the Internet, we could do so globally.

It was only fitting that we should offer 25 special activities, events, puzzles, contests, surprises, artifacts and memorabilia (listed below, with links). Return here by clicking the silver logos on those pages.

Some of you have known us for many of these 25 years. Come join us now for a trip through our remembrances. Then send us your best or funniest gamepuzzles stories.

The chronological index lists all our games by year of introduction. All the games we've created and published are still here, and they are still as enjoyable and challenging now as when we first released them. Isn't it nice to know some things don't go out of style or favor? If you missed them in the first decades, you can add them to your collection now. See them all on a full-circle Grand Tour, linking sections through playful portals at page bottoms. It starts with our hottest sellers.

25th Anniversary Celebration Index
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  1. The 25th Anniversary Logo Puzzle
  2. Mini-Quiz #6
  3. Annigrams
  4. Gamepuzzles Annual Pentomino Excellence Award
  5. Gamepuzzles Originality, Perseverance and Leadership Salute
  6. Bernie de Koven's blog entry, January 28, 2005
  7. Logo Matchstick Puzzles
  8. Logo Path Puzzle
  9. The big party at Kadon headquarters
  10. What you can buy for $25
  11. Our 25 greatest hits
  12. The "25" Memory Game
  13. Interview with Patrick Matthews of Orlando Gaming, January 2005.
  14. Interview with Ben Baldanza, "25 Years of Kadon Games," for Counter, a British gaming magazine, March 2005.
  15. 25-piece puzzle: Arc Angles
  16. 25-piece puzzle: Pocket Star
  17. Joint celebration with International Puzzle Party's 25th anniversary
  18. 25-piece matching puzzle:   Rhominoes
  19. 25-piece puzzle: Marshall Squares
  20. Retrospective article in The Life of Games, including the 25 funniest or most amazing things that have happened since 1980
  21. Logo Maze Puzzle
  22. Take a Number — a new 25-game system by Stephen Sniderman
  23. Custom postage stamp
  24. The Flower Garden Game — a 25-grid checker challenge
  25. The 25-holes challenge — win up to 25 silver dollars.

All these are still in effect in 2022, our 42nd Anniversary!
And maybe a few more surprises...

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