Mini-Quiz #6

The man who owns the zebra does not live next-door to the hairdresser. The man who drives the Toyota lives two doors south of the tennis player. The yellow and the pale pink houses are adjacent. The soprano and the owner of the Persian cat don't speak the same language. The iguana lives next door to the calligrapher. The potter, who does not live in the brick house, has no pets. The Frenchman and the Italian are neighbors. The two Australians are not married to each other. The Hungarian, who does not live in the green bungalow, speaks three languages.

Here's the question:

Question:  As of January 1, 2005, how many full years has Kadon Enterprises, Inc., been in business?

  1. sqrt(25) + 22(5)
  2. 25 - (5+2)
  3. 5 : .2
  4. (5! - 2(52)) .25
  5. 22 + (5-2)
  6. All of the above

Answer: We've hidden a clue somewhere on this page.

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