The big 25th anniversary bash



One of the high points of Kadon's 25th anniversary celebration party at headquarters on Saturday, May 14, 2005, was the cutting of the official "cake" built in the shape of the company's W logo. The 2-foot-long cake turned out to be pumpernickel frosted with cream cheese and decorated with a few silver W cut-outs. It went well with the Chicken Paprikash and pasta served for dinner. The photo of the cake is by our friend Bob Steinberger, a poet of the camera and first-time visitor to what he calls Kadonshire.

Game play featured prominently during the party, including sneak previews and play-testing of new game ideas cooking at Kadon. Elsewhere, clusters of quiet conversation and riotous humor filled the nooks and crannies of the maze-like house. The last of the approximately 25 guests departed on Monday, May 16. And if we ever find the other pictures of the festivities, we'll post them here.

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