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Our logo as a bouncing maze

Here's our logo, the W pentomino, where each unit square of the W is a 5x5 grid. Strategically placed barriers (the heavy lines), the silvery number 25, and the year of our 25th anniversary occupy the interior. Two balls are at the outermost corners.

Your challenge:  Find your way from one ball to the other by moving through the passages. Move in a straight line until you hit a barrier, then veer off to left, right, or bounce back. No stopping or changing course between barriers. The perimeter is all barriers. Can you connect the balls in exactly 25 moves? Caution:  the year number is in an opening; don't try to go through it or you'll fall in!

Send us your solution and address, and we'll send you a small prize.

Bonus questions:  What is the minimum number of moves to connect the balls? What is the maximum—how long can you meander without retracing the same exact path? Send us your best result, and if you're the top scorer, you'll win an appropriate prize. Here's our top scorer to date.

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