The Flower Garden Game

This interactive 25-grid challenge is one of the artifacts celebrating Kadon's
25th Anniversary, 2005 — done with flowers. Go green!

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How to play

You are planting a flower garden. There are 25 squares and 15 flowers to plant, but the flowers need room to grow. You can not plant more than 3 flowers in any row — vertically, horizontally or on the main diagonals. Click on a dirt square to plant a flower. Flowers will appear at random. If you change your mind, simply click on the flower to remove it. When you have planted all 15 flowers, click on "Check my Garden" to see if you are right!

There is more than one way to plant the garden. For extra challenge, have no two of the same flower in any row, in any direction!


This Flower Garden Game was developed by and is licensed from KMG Associates.
Copyright 2000-2005 KMG Associates. All rights reserved.

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