Game inventor: P. R. Chase
Phil Chase was an educator for 14 years and now works for the State of Michigan. His game design career, under the pen name P. R. Chase, started in 2002 with the release of Theophrastus with Mayfair Games, an esteemed game company that closed in 2018 after 37 years. In 2006, Grand Tribunal was published by Atlas Games.

While these first two titles followed a more European strategy board game model, his game, Gemstones, published by Kadon Enterprises, is an abstract strategy game featuring geometry and mathematical combinations.

Originally from Grand Rapids, Michigan, Phil lived in New York for ten years. He and his wife, Dana, returned to western Michigan in 2003. They have two sons, who make the perfect playtesters for Daddy's new designs.

Phil got interested in game design from an early age. Monopoly and Sorry had always been family favorites, and he used to make games out of posterboard at the kitchen table. During high school, college, and beyond, Phil was always an avid role player. But in 1995 he discovered Settlers of Catan, and this rekindled his passion for board games. Ever since, he learned as many games as he could in an effort to fuel his inspiration for new designs.

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