Games cover for December 2007 Games Magazine selects:
Gemstones was chosen by Games for the list of the 100 best non-electronic games for the year 2008, as Runner-up in the abstract strategy category. Here's John McCallion's write-up from their December 2007 "Buyer's Guide to Games":
(3 to 5 players)
DESIGNER:  P. R. Chase
The pouch contains gems in six colors. Joined in a pinwheel-like pattern are 15 hexagonal tiles, creating a possible 12 lines of three tiles each. Draw two gems for each tile. Add one black bead to each tile of any randomly chosen line.

Each turn, you'll take three gems in different colors (one per tile) from a line containing one or more beads, shift the beads to the "mined" tiles, and replenish those tiles. End your turn by choosing the next player; everyone must get one turn per round. Color and quantity determine points for gem collections.

Discard diamonds to acquire a fourth gem, or shift tiles before selecting. When the gems have been depleted, remove the beads, allowing subsequent players to select from any line of tiles. Highest score wins. This novel design can be played either as a casual family game or as a strategic battle requiring astute observation and accurate timing.—JJMcC

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