Games reviews: Super Roundominoes

Super Roundominoes received this write-up in Games Jr. in the April/May 1989 issue, with a nice color photo that filled more than a quarter of the page:
SUPER ROUNDOMINOES (1 to 6 players)
Dominoes are shapes formed by putting together squares, right? So "roundominoes" must be shapes formed by putting together circles.

This set of 43 roundominoes can fit into the puzzle frame in thousands of ways, but finding even one or two is a challenge. Just when you think you've got an answer, the last piece won't quite fit into the last hole, and you'll have to try again. (One solution is included, so that you can get the pieces back in the box when you're done playing!)

Just solving the basic puzzle will probably be tricky enough for most people. But if you master that puzzle, and want to keep going, there are hundreds of puzzles more in the booklet that's included. There are also rules for six games.

Super Roundominoes are precisely cut out of sturdy acrylic using a laser, so they're beautiful to look at and they fit perfectly any way you put them together. Kadon Enterprises also sells dozens of other puzzles and games at a wide range of prices and difficulty levels, including a smaller set of Roundominoes. If you like puzzles, be sure to write for a catalog.

Note: When this review was written, Kadon did not yet have a website, only printed black-and-white catalogs! Now we have an online printable edition (24 pages), which is highly condensed and with full-color illustrations. It's more a checklist than a catalog, for those who'd like their data portable and non-electronic. You can download it as 3 separate .pdf files to print out for yourself. If you have trouble printing it, send us $4 for a copy. We'll refund the $4 with your next gamepuzzles purchase.

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