Games cover for December 2002 Games Magazine selects:
Cube Brick and Color Up
Both Cube Brick and Color Up were chosen by Games for the list of the 100 best non-electronic games for the year 2003. Here's Robin King's write-up from their December 2002 "Buyer's Guide to Games" in the puzzles category:

(1 to 2 players)
DESIGNERS:  Zdravko Zivkovic and Kate Jones
These colorful and handsome wooden cube sets from Kadon are accompanied by booklets packed with plenty of puzzles and a couple of domino-style games. Color Up consists of 20 cubes, each with three of the six different colors in the set. Cube faces are 2x2 squares with the three colors uniquely arranged. Cube Brick has 15 cubes, each with four of the six colors. The cube faces are also 2x2 squares with uniquely arranged colors. Puzzles and games are based on matching the colors of the visible edges of adjacent cubes. Since the sets use the same colors and same-size cubes, why not combine them and invent a few puzzles of your own!—RHK

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