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Larger image of Lemma
and rules of play

LEMMATM  invented by Kate Jones

On Games's list of best games, 1987 (Review)

Our most radical game:  the players invent and play out non-contradictory rules. This game may bring out the logician or lawyer in you. It does strange things to your friends' demeanor, too. This can become a very vocal experience, since players may challenge new rules that are inconsistent with any previous rules! Four other games and over 300 topological puzzles are included. The 24" laser-engraved and handpainted gameboard has a dramatic pattern of nested grids in 3 colors plus black, matched to the 48 wooden disks. Stores in green felt slipcase. Suitable for 1 to 6 players, ages ingenious 12 to adult. $125

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...invented and patented by Alan Schoen

Games 100 selection, 1993 (here's the review.) ...Rombix consists of 16 tiles: four sizes of single rhombs that are the fundamental components of a 16-sided polygon, and twelve "twins" that are these four keystones joined in all possible concave pairs. (Did you know that any even-sided polygon can be cut up into rhombuses?) The elegant mathematics of this set will have it that these 16 tiles exactly fill the original polygon, called a circle. Thousands of arrangements are possible. The four colors are related by amazing proportions and congruences, and every successful tiling will also exhibit 8 ladders that span the circle's opposite sides. The booklet well documents, in layman's language, the many interesting paths of exploration Rombix invites. We make it in transparent tinted acrylics, in a black-framed 8" tray. For 1 or 2 players, from mentally agile 12 to adult. $65

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Larger image of Brace

  • See also deluxe wood board.
  • BRACE (and Embrace)TM
    ... created by Alan Kross-Vinson
    and Nine Men's Morris (Mühle)... traditional

    Chosen for "Games 100" list, 1998!  (Here's the review.) ... Brace's striking board design has 3 path colors that determine how pieces may move. Your goal is to move pieces to "brace," or bracket, an opponent piece to gain points. Novel scoring cube tracks your lead:  get 3 points ahead, you win. No captures, no removals. Alan's unique system of symmetrical set-up provides a different start position every time. Rules for four other games and some solitaires are included. The large (24") canvas gameboard can hang as a tapestry or banner. The 18 hand-inlaid acrylic disks, six each layered in three colors to match the board, reverse to 9 black and 9 white. For 1 and 2 players, ages 10 to adult.

    On Brace's reverse side, by popular demand, we offer Nine Men's Morris, also known as Mü of the oldest games known. Played with the solid black and white sides of the disks, the goal is to form a row of 3 pieces of your color, which entitles you to remove one opponent piece from the board. Player with fewer than 3 pieces remaining loses. $68

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    ....created by Henrik Morast, puzzles by Kate Jones

    On Games 100 list, December 2008 (review)

    Intarsia had its world premiere at the prestigious International Puzzle Party in August 2008 in Prague, the Czech Republic. With just two types of tiles, the number of combinations of the tiles in their hexagonal tray reaches a mind-boggling 1024. The reversible trapezoidal tiles carry either a white or a black diamond, paired with a black or white triangle respectively (shown at right). Yet with all those possibilities, forming them into three-fold symmetries is elusively difficult. The reason: while their total area is equivalent to 96 unit triangles, the 32 tiles themselves don't divide into three equal parts. They merely contribute regions of color the puzzler must coax into symmetry designs that are an ever-new source of visual joy. All-acrylic construction, hand-inlaid tiles, in bright red framed 11" tray, with display stand. Rules for five highly original strategy games included. For 1 or 2 players, ages 10 to adult.$95

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    ...created by Christian Freeling

    On Games 100 list for 2011 (review). Fifteen unique polyhex tiles, sizes 1, 2 and 3, carry the three cube-illusion colors in all possible combinations (sample tile at right). The full set covers 40 hexagons total, always orienting the colors to form a field of cubes. Hundreds of delightful figures invite your ingenuity to solve them. In 11" tray with small display stand. Two color choices. Includes three games for 2 or 3 players. For ages 8 and up. $95

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    Q-BIX is a trademark of MindSports and is used by
    Kadon Enterprises, Inc., under exclusive license.

    ...created by Thomas Atkinson, developed by Kate Jones

    On Games 100 list, December 2013 (review)

    The inspiration for Hopscotch came from the arrangement of tiles on Thomas's ceiling, where alternate rows of squares are moved over by half a space. Every combination of one to four connected squares makes the delightful family of 24 puzzle pieces we call polyhops. They let you solve an awesome range of beautiful figures. We make them in marble-grained acrylic in four color mixes, with display stand included. The amazing solution at left, with the smaller pieces all separated, is by Robin King. Addictive fun for 1 and 2 players, ages 10 to adult. $72

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