Puzzle inventor: Alan Schoen
This mosaic portrait of professional mathematician Alan Schoen, Ph.D., is an amazing collage by Dan Owen, titled "Alan Schoen: A Movement In Minimal Surfaces & Tilings". The original is 26x39 inches on archival paper with UV-resistant inks, printed on a HewlettPackard 5000 (Ink Jet).

Dan Owen has graciously made this image available for us to show here and has provided close-ups (see below) of some components drawn from Alan's pre-eminent mathematical work with minimal surfaces, for a better appreciation of the ingenious artistry of the composition. See more of Dan's work on YouTube.

Alan has devoted many decades of his illustrious career to the study of tilings, minimal surfaces, polyhedra, and the discovery of interesting phenomena associated with rhombic tilings. He is collecting his findings in a beautiful website, Schoen Geometry. It's heavy on the math but wonderfully illustrated. Check out his manuals on Rombix and its larger kin if you'd like to get more depth on the subject than our booklets provide.


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