Game inventor: Henrik Morast

Henrik Morast lives with his wife and two sons south of Stockholm, the capital of Sweden. He has a Master of Science degree and is currently working as a consultant specialized in Requirements Management.

Occasionally, Henrik invents games, preferably abstract strategy games where complexity is hidden in simplicity. When not inventing games, Henrik likes to spend his free time Orienteering in the woods and in summertime on a windsurfing board in the beautiful Stockholm archipelago.

The Intarsia tiles had their origin in Henrik’s obsession with hexagons. He first began thinking of half-hexagons many years ago as an interesting shape for small tables that could combine in different ways to form larger tables for diverse and flexible purposes. One day this idea was transformed into the two-colored Intarsia tiles and eventually into the first game. And after contact with Kate at Kadon Enterprises, the wheels of creativity really began turning and Intarsia became what it is today.

The name Intarsia was first suggested by Henrik’s brother Fredrik for the first wooden prototype. Intarsia means an art form such as a mosaic or knitting where the pattern shows on both sides—most appropriate for Henrik's trapezoidal tiles.

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