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Brace was chosen by Games as one of the 100 best games for the year 1999. Here's Burt Hochberg's write-up from their December 1998 "Buyer's Guide to Games" in the abstract strategy games category:
BRACE (1 or 2 players)
The newest strategy game from Kate Jones's Kadon Enterprises is, typically, a whole bunch of games and solitaires that can be played with the provided equipment. On one side of the canvas roll-up board you can play the ancient Nine Men's Morris (a much subtler game than you may think). The other side is for Brace — a real brain workout — and other games and solitaires. The board is made up of three circles of one color, three squares of another color, and one rectangle of a third color, all superimposed on one another. A piece may move any unobstructed distance along lines of its color; otherwise it may move only to an adjacent point (of another color). Catching an opponent's piece between two of your own on a line of the same color scores 1 point. The player who gains a 3-point advantage wins. Other games and solitaires are described in the game booklet. —BH

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