"Supply Line" solitaires for the Y board

These original variations of peg solitaire on a triangular board were developed by Kate Jones and are copyrighted by Kadon Enterprises, Inc., as part of the instruction book for the Game of Y. We include two levels of challenge:

About the gameboard:   The curved triangular playing board has 93 nodes (points of intersection) on which the stones are placed and onto which they can jump.

Three of the interior nodes are pentads (connected to 5 other nodes); the other 66 are hexads (connected to 6 other nodes).

You will be jumping stones over a directly adjacent stone to an empty node immediately on the other side of it. Through the pentads a stone move jump along either fork in a forward direction, like this, from any direction:



Supply Line
Start with 15 stones on the nodes of the central triangle region of the board, as shown in black at right. Note that the three corner stones rest in the center of a pentagon while the rest occupy the centers of hexagons.

Jump stones over each other, always over a directly adjacent stone to an empty node immediately on the other side of it on the same straight line, except for pentads that can veer to either fork. Remove stones jumped over. Stones may jump outside their starting triangle—the whole board is available—and the last stone remaining should land on the farthest-away node in the middle of the border or next to a corner, shown as white circles in the diagram at right. Minimum number of moves for either solution is 6, first found by Leonard Gordon.

Grand Supply Line
Set up 30 stones as shown at right. Jump them over each other as for regular Supply Line, but this time the goal is to send one messenger to each corner (white circles), or a single messenger to one corner (white circle in diagram below). All other stones are to be removed by jumps. The minimum number of moves is not known.


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