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Here's an overview at a glance of all our gameboards with gorgeous symmetrical grids that form kaleidoscope-like patterns. We've been designing unusual gameboards for years and have noticed a strong preference for complex grids that are artworks in their own right. We've decided to name and trademark our style of board design "kaleido-matrix."

Our kaleido-matrix boards are cross-referenced here from more than one section of the site. For a shortcut to the description of any of them, just click on its picture. Links open in new window. To return here, simply close that window.


(Not shown to scale)

Any gameboard represents a system, symbolically even a society or web of interrelationships upon which opponents or partners play out the usual human drama of goal-seeking and overcoming of obstacles. Even the simplest grid, the checkerboard, allows for virtually endless possibilities of movement and interaction.

More complex arrays, such as spiderwebs and beehives, have an organic element and give a gameboard an inner tension and balance. Look closely at the games listed above and see if you don't become aware of the subtle lines of power hidden within their structure.

Like a map or maze, the nodes and connectors lure the players to explore combinations that lead to fortune. These boards make for very interesting strategy and tactics on their intricate networks of lines.

Custom orders:   We can make special-design boards by individual request. Send us your design and we'll give you an estimate of cost. See some samples here.

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